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Dr. D, MG, and me"Belmont Heights for Daryl Orenge" is BH4DO

09-02-08: Now it's official.

The Strange & Miniature World of Daryl Orenge That's the "H" magazine article we've been waiting for.

"Belmont Heights for Daryl Orenge" is what BH4DO stands for. I've been having to stand  on my tongue with both feet, not being able to share just why I was sculpting these heads. Now that "H magazine" has published the article about this stop motion (not really claymation) project I can take my feet off of my tongue.  I'm given a brief mention as the artist who sculpted the heads for the characters.

"h: Do you construct or buy your mini-items?

Daryl: The sets we usually build are from scratch using wood, metal, fabric, glue-guns etc.  Our dolls used to be customized toys, but now its us, and a clay sculptor by the name of Nora Jean Gatine who makes em all out of clay. "

ClayMates and Visitors:

A man from LA contacted me regarding sculpting OOAK faces for a stop-motion series project. It's all on "spec" so I'm going to wring out some tutorials while I create some faces to match the characters. All of the faces are Afro-American and this is Black History Month so it seems appropriate to celebrate diversity.

What you'll find here are the links I need to share with the ClayMates at CITY-0-Clay. There'll be links that I need in the continual study of sculpting human faces. You'll find informational links for "beauty analysis based on sex", "forensic reconstruction", color mixing for the rainbow of shades that descendants from African can have.

Dr. D, MG and Me (needs to be fixed) The three of us sculpted  non stop and the guys learned quickly how to sculpt faces.

Skin Tone (Photo Gallery needs to be fixed ) The photos that capture the process of making skin tone in American descendants of Africa.

Tools the color of clay and various tools I'll be using to sculpt the faces.
What You Looking At? (Photo Gallery needs to be fixed ) Or what do you need to look at when sculpting faces.

Famous Faces Study ((Photo Gallery needs to be fixed )
Oprah Winfrey, Woopie Goldberg,  Old Jane Pittman, Halle Barry
Wesley Snipes, Denzel Washington
Morgan Freeman
Bone Clones (Photo Gallery needs to be fixed ) If you're going to sculpt a head it's best to start with a skull. Sculpt-Mold-Iterations
How to do hair extensions (Photo Gallery needs to be fixed ) on a cured figure. Heavy Metal Centaur shows you how it's done. Face Molds:
04-20-08 Face Molds
04-27-08 Faces
05-13-08: Making a Face Mold
05-08-08 Add Face Mold

05-05-08 Faces:
Wanna Know about me? Links by the hand full Links to websites and tutorials to help with learning how to sculpt faces.
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