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More Autumn Leaves: There is a section called Autumn Leaf Group. In that section you see the step by step details of making these canes. This section Autumn Leaves is a sample of some of the canes that went into making leaves for the Autumn Leaf Jar. You won't get detail but an over view of the cane and some finished leaves. 

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1, Just starting out with leaves? This is a very simple cane made with two colors, laid as sheets and made into a chevron. 
2, This is an early experiment with using pearl in the center of a bulls eye, in the hope of getting a sense of high light to the leaf sections. 
3, Using less sections than the experiment above, the pearl in the center larger, we give cane 2 another shot. 
4, So if the leaves change colors in the Autumn why not give effort to a starting cane that is changing colors as well? This three color blend is folded like a fan and then reduced. The chevron flip is utilized again. 
5, Sometimes experiments don't turn out as you expected and this cane is no exception. But you got to see what it turned out to be in the end. 
6, Still putting green and orange through its paces. 
7, Moving away from the chevron flip this is wedges done in the round.