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Highlights for Past Months

Rhiannon Galadriel Stone

Born January 24, 2003

My Fourth Grand Child and First Grand Daughter!! She seems to be happy to be here. Four days old and smiling already. 



2003- January Highlights: Chiaroscuro - Working in highlights and shading through blends. Hand blending - we don't need no stinking pasta press to blend colors. Mushroom Preview. Orchids. Tropical Fruit: Banana, avocado, papaya, guava. Rhubarb and an orchid made from Rhubarb cane. Peanut Butter and Jelly Jewelry and playing with our mini food to make a face. 

Demo Logs

January 1, 2003: Doing Animal Heads Short Order.

Seeking the Unicorn through the Horse.

Seeking the Horse 2.

Mini Food Review: Turkey Sandwich, Bacon Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich, Romaine Lettuce. 


Digital Pictures

Three Horses Heads CherylH found. 

Horse Head Anatomy

Mini Food Preview for the next Demo

January 14, 2003 WebCam Demo. Doing Orchids with scrap clay. Some imitation orchids and some inspired by the real flower. 

January 14, 2003: Denise saved this log of making the imitation orchid with Papaya Cane. To match the screen shots. 

Doing an Orchid with Papaya Cane, 84 pictures shot by Denise. Thank you honey for all your hard work.  05/16/08 on photo gallery pages.

Chiaroscuro Preview: The top tubes, with the dragon's eyeball are just silver. The lower tubes have highlight and shadow that were blended in. 

Denise saved this log of the chat during the first cane. Thank you Denise! January 21, 2003: Chiaroscuro, playing with light and shadow through blends. 

I saved these logs 

 2) up to making the gold

 3) making the gold and comparing to silver

 4) The Green, Green-Yellow and Pearl, low contrast light and shadow, leaf press.

Mitch caught these screen shots of CherylH doing a leaf cane. Three blends, dark green to yellow green, yellow green to pearl, dark green to black. Fan folded, stacked and chevron flipped. Then pressed into action in a circle. 24 pictures.

 5) The pressing of the light green.

 6) Doing it again with three blends, black to dark green, dark green to light green, light green to pearl. Pressing leaves and comparing. 

7) Gold leaf press to the end of the all day demo.

Demo Logs

1- January 27, 2003, Chiaroscuro Review

2- January 27, 2003, Chiaroscuro Review

Screen Shots

Kathy, Eva and Denise  caught these screen shots of doing the blends and fan fold for working with light and shadow. 119 pictures

Now on their new photo gallery page.

HandBlend: One doesn't need a pasta press to do blends. Here are some things made with blends done by hand.
Mushroom Preview with some other items made 1/15/03: Avocado, Bananas, Glazed Danishes. 
Banana done Natasha Style 

One of the difficulties with making mini bananas is getting that green seam right on under ripe bananas. Using the Natasha cut we can do it Easy Breezy. 

The Rhubarb Cane got called into service to experiment with making Orchids. 

The Rhubarb Orchid

The Orchid Group Page

How to Make Peanut Butter and Jelly. How these jewelry items were made. 

Peanut Butter and Jelly Jewelry  There was an emergency. The immediate need for "decorative bits" on a Peanut Butter Theme to be received by Friday. These are the Peanut Butter and Jelly Jewelry and they were made in a late night frenzy. From email "Help!" to finished items under 12 hours.  After getting these in the post I'll be back to share 40 pictures of the process. 

Food Face: Just playing with my mini food. 

This is a Rhubarb experiment. It's not the "Prime Time" effort but it's going in the direction that will yield a better Rhubarb. The basic technique is there though. Details with the enlarged pictures. 

Papaya: This is the start of tropical fruits and vegetables. I'm going to be doing some Mexican mini food because being Californian I'm ex post facto Mexican. I thought Papaya is a good tropical fruit to start with. 

We're doing Guava, Avocado, and other fruit you'd see south of the border. 


Mini Food Preview for the next Demo
Demo Logs

1- January 29, 2003: Natasha Log to Pinch Pot in Minutes

2- January 29, 2003: Natasha Log to Pinch Pot in Minutes

3- January 29, 2003: Natasha Log to Pinch Pot in Minutes

11-12-2006: Denise caught over 60 screen shots of the pinch pots that had to be removed from Epson due to lack of space. She sent me a ton of screen shots on a CD and I have to look for those pinch pot screen shots for this space here.
Demo Logs

1- January 30, 2003: Larger Pinch Pots, a review, Denise Saved.

2- January 30, 2003: Larger Pinch Pots, a review, I saved.


Screen Shots

It's a bubble pinch pot or I'm a duck

Taking a pinch pot and closing it up totally so there's air trapped inside is called a bubble pinch pot. What folks don't realize is they can then take this bubble and make anything they want. So I made a duck. It's a hollow duck. That means that I don't use up clay to fill a space, I use air. But then again a lot of folks say I'm full of hot air.

Thank you Mitch for capturing these shots.