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Highlights for Past Months July 2003 Highlights

Africa Index - Sculpting, animal print uses, new African Chop Beads. New Skull Form and faces made. Cane slices on face. Sculpting Patrick Stewart, Bruce Willis, and Lex Gigeroff. Fictive Fu Man Chu Sculpture.  Review of folding clay, Natasha Mini Bananas, Leopard spot Kwick Kitties and Animal Print Cane covered pens. 

July was meant to be African Month and I got caught up in moving the tutorials. So in Demo we've been focusing on doing African figure sculpting. 

New African Chop Mix: Tongues of Fire, Leaves, Flowers, Tiger, Leopard, Zebra. Enlarged pictures to come. 


For the How To on doing African Mixes check out the oldest tutorial on it... 

African Themed Chop and Toss Extravaganza Safari  

07-03-03: Second Filing for Fu Man Chu. He had all the TLS facial hair removed and got his face detailed. After the first filing I liked his mouth and nose bridge. I added more raw clay and gave him better cheeks. 
07-05-03: GigeroffDoll Thumbnail Page 5. Second Sanding
07-05-03: This is the second set of thumbnails for MerBruce.

Filing away the "not Bruce". The face is in there. It's a matter of freeing it from the clay.

Thumbnails-1: As I was poking about the face Patrick Stewart emerged. All the figures look like "Jean Luc Picard" until they get their hair. This is the first curing and filing. From the WebCam Demo of 06-30-03. No log or screen shots since it was a review of sculpting basics. 

To Boldly Go...  a couple of thoughts about sculpting without a plan.


Thumbnails-2: Second filing 
Jean Luc's New Face


New Face 07-07-03

A study page to fine tune the sculpting.

7/11/2003 Holly Hand Blend screen shots on a new photo gallery page.
07-29-03: These Kwick Kitties were done during  a demo in June. I've just now added captions to them. This is part of African Month, the update of the Leopard cane technique. Also at the end of this Kwick Kitty section is the pot the African Woman is holding in the sculpture above.
07-29-03: This face got cane slices pressed to it after the first curing. This is still a work in process but I wanted to share these pictures. The close up of the eye catches the mica shift of the gold. The cane slices are sheets of gold and a translucent mix of burnt umber and bleached translucent Premo. It was bathed with baby oil to cut down the dusty look.

07-25-03: The second face from the new skull form. Without eyelashes or eyebrows he looks a bit bare, but he's still uncured so we still have time to fiddle with him.

I'm pretty happy with the filled in skull form, shown below, for making new faces. Now all we have to do is make smaller skull forms to help us with faces in a mini scales. It will also help us with Day of the Dead efforts. 

07-25-03: The ceramic skull is actually an ashtray, the top of the skull comes off.  The skull was covered with foil and then white clay was laid over it.  I made a slightly "fleshed" out skull mold. I wanted to keep some of the indentation under the cheek bone to see if I could sculpt a smiling face. The face on the left is the first effort using this new modified skull form. I put a sheet of aluminum foil on the skull form and laid on skin clay. Dropped some eyeballs in the sockets and there we are. 
Natasha Bananas

Miniaturists can take a page out of the beader's book and use the Natasha trick to make mini food. This example uses the under ripe banana colors. Change the color and you can do French fries, with the brown crispy edges. 

Just like Summer ReRuns on TV, you can revisit past Demos.

Folding clay... Check the tutes, it's all there
 There's logs and

51 screen shots, with captions, of folding clay
Fold Pinch Pots

digital pictures of stuff made with folded clay.
Not many folks think of making pots with sheets of folded clay, but
.... hey, if we can use these clay sheets like cloth we can make
pleated and folded vessles. Much under utilized trick.

Earlier experiments... my favorite for the mica manipulations

So, check those out, we'll do them as soon as the DSL is fixed.

Also, get out your tiger colors, we're going to do Tiger Cane again as
well. Let's do some Folded Tiger Sheet Pots. Sounds like fun.

Gotta bounce, Said and I are sharing the phone line, on 28.8!!

Ah well, if your car is broken you take the bus, right?

Since this MerMan started looking like Bruce Willis I made a study page of pictures of him to work on detailing the face over the week end. 
This is the first set of thumbnails for MerBruce.  Study Page