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Highlights for Past Months

2003- June Highlights:

Japan Index: June 2003 is Asian Theme Month and since I'm half Japanese I have a boat load of stuff already ready to offer. From comical mini take out to sculptures of Japanese Grandmothers to a mini scene done on the back of a bankers box top, complete with a cloth kimono (instructions on the how to of the cloth kimono on that page). 

06-02-03 WebCam Demo: JudithK's visit and review of leopard, basket weave, setting in eyeballs, and pinch pots. 

Captions and the Demo Logs to come after 06-04-03. The enlarged pictures are up. 

Denise took screen shots of the scrap clay dishes I did. Cutting eyeball cane and reassembling the canes to make a bowl and pitcher. Pictures removed because of space limitation. Check Mold Dish Experiment.

Inro of Gold and Crimson Index Page. These two colors are put through their paces to give us something to make our Inro box out of. Demo logs, screen shots and digi pix are all ready for viewing.

06-10-03: Post Inro Demo Thanks and Thoughts

BonsaiKathy took these 16 pictures of the making of the inside tube of the Inro. Thanks Kathy!! 05/16/08 on photo gallery page.


Shargoose/SharonV caught these 35 screen shots of the first Inro effort of today. Inro of Gold and Crimson Check out where I use the aluminum foil to keep the second sheet from sticking to the inner sheet of clay, that way we get interlocking stacking compartments.
Thank you, SharonV
05/15/08 on photo gallery page.

Shargoose/Sharon V caught these screen shots of the making of the basketweave for the third Inro. Thank you Sharon!

Basket Weave - 2

05/15/08 on photo gallery page.

06-09-03: Monday Demo, working out the pattern for an Inro box of many compartments. Like the open one we see above. We'll use the Gold and Crimson run for our first experimental Inro. We did a quick mokume gane and a basic basket weave as well.

06-12-03: Sanded and given a finish

06-13-03: Seth's Inro Post a wonderful post filled with great information. Thank you Seth for letting me put it up on the site. 

JudithK took over 150 screen shots during the 06-16-03 demo on sculpting a full sized face.  Karin was hosting 156 pictures of this demo. Full Face Sculpting now on photo gallery pages. 05/15/08

06-16-03: WebCam Demo Log-1. Doing a full sized face.

06-16-03: WebCam Demo Log-2. The Pentagon Trick

I still need logs with Karen's  typing in it if any of my claymates has it. 

Here's looking at you, Kid.

BonsaiKathy caught these 20 screen shots of doing the eyes on a full face. 05/16/08 on a photo gallery page

06-16-03: WebCam Demo Log-1. Doing a full sized face.

She also sent through to the MSATClayPictures list the EYEBALL Chart, where the face is mapped out with measurements of One Eye Width, very weird looking but very handy. Thank you BonsaiKathy for both efforts on our behalf.

06-16-03: WebCam Demo Log-2. The Pentagon Trick.

Using a half face form left over from the Eyeball cane Demo I filled in the lower half.

JudithK took over 150 screen shots  Karin was hosting 156 pictures of this demo. Full Face Sculpting now on photo gallery pages. 05/15/08

06-18-03: Ramble  On Tailoring With Clay. Posted to the MSATClayArt list about using pressed clay sheets as fabric, but only after you've sculpted a full body. 

Lex Gigeroff Picture Study  Page

In order to sculpt a real person it is necessary to find as many pictures of the person as you can. 

06-17-03: Lex Gigeroff inspired this doll. It is in the oven for the first curing. So this is thumbnails-1 for the Gigeroff Doll. We'll call this one Lex-Doll-1. For he is our first Lex Gigeroff effort. Some extraneous nattering on the enlarged pages. 

06-19-03: Lex-Doll-Thms-2

After getting the face in rough draft it is time to do some filing to refine the features.

06-20-03: Lex-Doll-Thms-3

After filing, three curings, adding TLS hair, a baseball cap and a few other tweaks we got this far.

06-24-03: More filing, sanding and making eyeglasses with TLS and beading wire. 

Creole Queen: Thumbnails -1

Demo 06-19-03: Johanna in Hamburg, Germany requested sculpting in Demo so we made a figure from aluminum foil to dressed in 5 hours.

Creole Queen: Thumbnails -2

06-20-03: Sculpted the face, did some more TLS hair, still needs some sanding but here she is so far.

Creole Queen: Thumbnails -3

06-24-03: Her eyes needed to be redone, the features refined, more hair added and a hand repaired, not to mention a leopard spot pillow to sit on.

The difference with sculpting with polymer clay vs earth clay or one clay color and paint.  Links and thumbnails to examples cited in the post.  06-26-03 post to MSATClayArt


06-26-03 Demo: Draping sheets and sculpting faces. Fu Man Chu

Fu Man Chu Demo Log

 06-26-03 DemoLog: Two Tone Shades for Prince Impersonating Elvis.

Two Tone TLS Elvis Sun Glasses for Prince

First Curing 

Prince of Fire needs face filing and face color. He's not much on the hair but it's subtle, maybe we can get that platinum blond with balding crew cut done with TLS and clay color.

Prince of Fire in his Elvis in Las Vegas Hair

These still need captions but the pictures are up. 

 RitaMaid's Eyes Another Effort


Leopard Review and Making Kwick Kitties


BasketWeave Review and Pinch Pots


Folding Clay

The Story of 57 Cents, sent to me by my sister Sherry Brummett One of those forwarded inspirational stories. Instead of sending it on I'll post it instead. Be it true or not, I've not checked it out, but it does have a moral and that is with group resources, and determination much can be built from little. This is what we're making effort to do with the CITY-o-Clay list. 

Part of the Art of Being Joyful:  Advice from a Blind Japanese Acupuncturist. Not for the easily shocked. Fair Warning.  

June 15th is Father's Day. Two years ago BlackCloud and I saw Tomb Raider in Halifax on Father's Day. My father had just passed away less than two month's before and BlackCloud still mourned her father's passing. We wept buckets in the movie when Lara Croft put flowers on her father's memorial marker.  When ever I see that movie or it's Father's Day I think of BlackCloud and how we sought to comfort each other when we were both far from home and without our dads. Still makes me sad. Be nice to your Father this Father's day, be nice to him while you can.