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New LEXX INDEX, 07-08-04, gathering up the usual suspects.

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Giggerota The Wicked

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Lex Gigeroff Sculpture

Lexx Pendants
04-08-01: Necklace for Planet Water

 This blend and the waving pennants are just too sweet and very easy to do.

RIP: 12/24/2011 Lex Gigeroff

Next Lexx Doll planned: Lex Gigeroff Index  Lex Gigeroff Doll.


Lex Gigeroff Picture Study  Page



In order to sculpt a real person it is necessary to find as many pictures of the person as you can. 



Brian Downey has a site

Mothbreeder informed me that there was a picture of Brian Downey with my hat on at UnCon 2001. I didn't have this picture, didn't know it existed. Thank you Mothbreeder for letting me know.  


Help me identify this fellow please. He was the Art Director for the LEXX television show, when they were taping Series 4. He was so kind to me at UnCon 2001. I think his name was Tim Bider but I can't find anything to be sure. It's just making me crazier than I already am trying to remember his name, especially when he spent so much time with me chatting about my miniatures and sculpted dolls.  Success at the LEXX Art Exhibit my post to the list 6/15/01

Here I am at the bridge of the LEXX.


New Pictures from UnCon 2001 

After the Studio Tour and the Social: my post to the list 6/17/01  

Or When Xenia Calls, You Come Running.


Xenia Seeberg's Official Site Link 


I'm totally obsessed with Lexx, a SciFi television program.  

 The Four Lexx Movies The First Series

The Fourth Series is out on DVD and VHS in the USA. 

Made in Canada SciFi a website I just found. It has good information on Lexx. 

A little something for HawaiiKai


 Patricia Zentilli played "Bunny" in Lexx