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There are no questions too "beginnerish".

I started this in Feb and then got caught by the Rent Party Fund
Raising to save the crib. So this sat and then as I was going through
my drafts I found it. It was in answer to new list member wondering if
her questions would be too "beginnerish". I saw that a handful of
claymates went "nownowtherethere" there's no question that's too basic
that it won't be answered by a couple of people, jumping in straight
away and giving what they know. There'll be posts in response saying
"Hey howdy. I don't know about this thing but I went to your website
and your stuff is just faboo!"  You get more than an answer to a
question here if you're new. So with that being said this is what I
started to write a couple of months ago. It still holds true. An
addendum is added on the bottom that ties all this up with current
events on the list.

We have a good amount of new people and some of them just might be
beginners. Some might be shy about asking a question that might sound
too "beginnerish". It's happened before, it will happen again, so I'm
addressing this shyness of asking with a ramble for our new list
members, be they new to miniatures or to polymer clay.

There's no question that is too beginnerish, another term I think I
will adopt. I've had folks on the list who studied, bought all the
books, all the tools, had all the clay, knew factoids right and left
but had THE FEAR of just opening up a block of clay and getting

I've had folks who didn't know hardly anything about polymer clay,
didn't have a tool but a toothpick and a head full of ideas and they
became Co Moderator, that's our own Barb/TwilightElf, who's on
hospital leave.

Everyone comes to the list with individual skill sets, and are at
different places on the clay journey. If folks ask questions that are
"Foundation" questions, these are valid. We all asked the same
questions, didn't know the same little secret or trick of it.

It hurts my heart to realize that the shyness that folks feel in
asking questions that will help them build a good foundation to their
clay knowledge comes from someone having made them feel diminished.
Been too long on other lists where folks got their noses in the air?
"Oh I know more than you do, neener neener, and I'm not going to tell
you, it's a trade secret." Doesn't that just make you so mad you want
to clean the refrigerator? Grrrr, it makes me fighting mad, it does.

Ask ANY question, ok? There's a serious reason for this sharing of

For 10 years after acrylic paint was being used as artists it was
finally recognized as a legit art medium.

Polymer clay has been looked at as a craft medium, inferring it was
neither rare nor well done. LOL, old joke but true in this case. If we
are to grow as an art medium, as valid as acrylic paint, as valid as
Picasso's collage technique, as valid as impressionistic painting when
the old school balked at new expression, then it is imperative to
share information freely.

You can't be shy about asking, I can't be shy about chronicling my
clay journey, miscalculations and all, because the information must be
shared if we're to get our foot in the door of the Museum of Modern

Oh check out some of the modern art that's out there, a lot of it is
crap as far as I'm concerned, and some folks think what I do is crap,
so I figure we all got a shot at getting our crap exhibited as art
then. We can't do that if there's only a handful of us working with
Polymer Clay. It's going to happen when there are enough of us polymer
clay artists to make an exhibit logical.

Do check out my earlier work. It's a process, getting a grip on our
clay. How much time and effort one wants to put into it depends on
one's intent, I reckon. I've spent weeks on working on a gift. I've
spent a half an afternoon on something that got sold to my utter

My job here is to encourage and foster artists, who use polymer clay
as part of their supplies. So if you're doing house hold accessories,
personal adornment, dolls, dolls house accessories and doll adornment,
or miniatures or mobiles... it don't matter to me. What matters to me
is you get answers to your questions, shim poi poi to your owies, a
pat on the back for your progress, and God willing and the creek don't
rise, to learn how to get our of your own way by breaking the habit of
doubt and fear. That's the biggest thing, doubt and fear, diminishes
the spirit, hurts the art process, impedes with learning. First thing
I have to do before anyone opens up the packet of clay is to feel
their forehead, touching the third eye, to see if they feel good about
themselves. If not, why not?

I am rambling about this because there's a reason to step in and take
action when a list member wants to disturb the peace. If you need
clarification on how to succeed in getting shown the door, taking the
three steps outta here, click on the link on every email that leads to
the Moderator's page on my website. It's all there.

But while you're here take advantage of all the information that is
freely shared here. Become active and take advantage of all the
freebies and goodies and books that we choose to share. There's a lot
to learn and  more to practice and it all becomes lighter work when we
all toss in what we know into the list. Many hands make for lighter

It also goes quickly and with fun if you make claymates, forge bonds,
be embraced by our vocal ones.