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August 2, 2002:

I know that coming to a new list is a weird thing. Coming to a list
that is chatty and busy is also weird.

This list doesn't work like TV. One can't just watch and hope that
something is going to come by that will answer a particular question
that one might have. List TV, it's an old term I coined at the
beginning of this list because I see people becoming more passive
because of TV viewing and the whole interactive aspect of this list is

Got a question, ask.

Got a tip that's new to you, then it'll be new to someone else too,
share it. Clayers who have been at it for a while will say, "Hey I
remember that being mentioned before and I forgot to add it to my
favorite places, thanks for posting it again." One can't keep all the
factoids in their head, no one has all the answers, no one is
prevented from doing experiments on their own and becoming a clay
teacher in the process.

That's what happened to me. I didn't set out to be a clay teacher. All
I set out was to share with miniaturists and polymer clay people an
idea I had about wood grain. It's a Japanese thing this wood grain
love, they hate to paint fences, walls, let the natural wood grain
show. I thought polymer clay lends itself to miniature wood grain
needs. That's also why I'm hosting a wood grain and bamboo swap. It's
not happening any time soon, it's in the queue.

Anyone can initiate a swap. Let's say you're wanting to see what you
can do with mini food, for instance. You have a bakery room box, ya,
that's a good example, you got a bakery room box and have made ONE
cake, but you want that bakery filled much quicker than you can fill
it making all the stuff  yourself, host a swap. Post to the list and
tell the truth, "I have this bakery room box and I'm wanting to fill
it up quickly, I know how to do ONE cake, who wants to help me with
this bakery?" You get a dozen people joining a swap. You make that one
cake you know how to make and your swapmates fill the shelves of your

That's how it works.

If you are thinking... this list is too chatty, they aren't talking
about anything I want to hear, why don't they discuss (fill in the
blank) because that's what I want to learn about.

SPEAK UP... honestly, it just makes me feel like the confused RCA dog
when folks complain that a list isn't covering what they want and
didn't tell us, when we're just claymates, not mind readers.

POST and start a discussion going in a direction you want. LOOK at
what other people make and make comment so you can get used to giving feedback, when you get your first feedback for your work you'll
realize how good it feels to be validated. SHARE something of
yourself, where you live for our ClayMate Map, do you got kids, hook
up with the other claymates who have children and do a CHILDREN'S
SWAP, just the kids with the kids to keep them involved.

BUT ... don't be passive and then wander off feeling like what you
wanna do ain't being done here already, like instant noodles for you.
WE NEED YOU to let us know what you want to learn. YOU NEED to let us know by posting and not just scanning the posts for something that might mean something to you.

Only by being active, jumping in, asking questions, making comment on
other people's work, thanking folks for looking at your stuff,
experimenting and sharing your findings, will you make this list
something that means anything to you. It is the way you get qualified
for the Newbie Boxes, Donations and Lending Library.

I'm writing this because I had someone unsub and then write to me
telling me that they didn't see what they wanted. WELL HELL'S BELLS... I'm just an astrologer not a psychic. I don't know what folks want if they don't speak up.

Jeese Louise, it just makes me confused sometimes.

So an interactive Email list works by people posting to it. It will
only by chance and random accident be something that might interest a person who doesn't post. Make your contribution or not depending on
need. But let's cut this passive List TV mentality right out of our

Other Moderators of other lists will agree with me on this. What we
have here lives on contribution and like most things you get out of it
pretty much what you put into it, especially if you have specific

So that's my Friday Night Moderator's Rant

This ain't List TV