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Test for TinyChat two webcams and NCH Debut Software. WOOT
My opening logo didn't show. I don't know what that beep was. If you increase the browser window to 150% size the webcam windows will be larger without degradation of quality.

05/17/08: Screen Shots from past WebCam Demos.  For more information check the Post to COC about the screen shots. The WebCam Demos are on hold for the time being. The Current Demo Index

How to get to the Demos, how to do screen shots, behind the scenes. 

WebCam Demo HOW-TO

What the Heck Are Demos?

CITY-o-Clay is a Yahoo Group. There are a lot of polymer clay lists and miniature lists. CITY-o-Clay is a list that does both. Polymer clay miniatures, sculpting and general polymer clay techniques are discussed. Our Motto is "Create what you love, love what you Create"  The Demos are an example of the motto in action.

Through Yahoo Messenger we meet in a chat room and with webcam we provide live interactive polymer clay demonstrations that are free twice a week. We've been doing this since 2002. How to get to the Demos can be found on that page. There's two sets of instructions. One for the Old Yahoo Messenger and one for the New.

I do not work from a script. I have no idea what we're going to demo until my CITY-o-Clay list members tell me what they need.

I do not charge a fee for the two weekly demos. What is made in Demo as a result of teaching is up for sale to help keep teaching art online free.

At the very bottom of the Biz-Archive Tute-List you will find the webcam demo from Sept. 2002 to August 2003 linked at the bottom of the page.
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