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April 2003 is Pen Foolery Month: The Plan... a clay covered pen is just another canvas for a mini scene to the miniaturists who kick clay around.

2005 PenPal Index PenPals are figures sculpted around a pen barrel.

  Born in Demo 4-02-03.

Sleeping Lady Pen-001: She's just getting started.

Sleeping Lady Pen - 002: 04-04-03  After a day of fussing with her, 8 pictures.


Taking the Tiger by its tail and chopping it up

Jael (she cares for bunnies) took these screen shots of The Tiger Cane Natasha Pen effort of 03-31-03 and put them in the Epson Album herself. Great Team Effort and thank you Jael.  
  Pens: Animal Chop - 03-31-03 Tiger, Leopard and Zebra Canes of Demo and given the chop and toss and pressed on to pens.