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Sheets: Surface Technique with cane slices pressed to a sheet of clay.

51 screen shots of 9-11 webcam demo on folding clay sheets.

Folded Clay Sheets made into Pots

Take sheets with cane slices pressed to it and then crease and fold the sheet and make pots and other things that way. 

Fold That Clay in Abalone Colors



 Premo Pearl Mix Clay  Rainbow pendants and earring process shots, made with Premo clay with pearl mixed in already. 

Rainbow Leaf Sheet: One Tile Tute, two pictures
Lobster Lady has a skirt, it's a sheet, which is just lace cane made with simple starting elements.

Ammonite Experiments

  Third Effort As A Sheet

Ammonite Experiments

Done in Blue

Gold Leaves on Green Gold and translucent leaves on green sheets. No captions yet. 

Pendants made with the Sheet Technique. Thin slices of cane pressed on a background sheet and then fiddled with. 

On Black: Surface Technique with cane slices pressed to a sheet. Tiger's Eye sheets.