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To be rebuilt - CITY-Leaders Index: For the training and orientation of new CITY-Leaders, the volunteers who help guide the various CITY-Lists.

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New: Para_CITY

Discussion of all things paranormal for CITY-zens in good standing who belong to any of the groups listed at

Topics include ghosts, spirit rescue, tarot, cryptozoology, and much more.

New: Astrol-CITY is for CITYzens of CITY-Lists, a family of Yahoo Groups connected by a common set of guidelines.

To be part of Astrol-CITY one needs to already be a member of one of the CITY-Lists, state which one when you subscribe.


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CITY-CraftBizAdvice is here for us to help each other out with advice in regards to running a home or store front based small craft business.
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A friendly place to ask questions about using your computer. Beginners welcome.

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This is a group of fellow polymer clay artists from beginners to skilled professionals. Click on the picture to learn more about us.


All polymer clay techniques are discussed. Things discussed: color mixes, raising cane, sculpting figures, replicating things from nature, for jewelry and household accessories, in flat designs or 3D, and miniatures.

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Our group will explore many types of fiber arts like basic sewing, costuming, embroidery, cross stitch, miniatures of the above, and more.


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This group is for all areas of mini scenery and landscaping for dollhouses or mini scenes. We'll discuss things like water features such as fountains, ponds and waterfalls etc., flower making, using paper, dried real flowers, clay and we'll also include the discussion of using live plants in miniature settings. Tree making, grass and bushes too.
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