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When I was first starting to explore polymer clay I didn't have a website. I used PhotoPoint and GeoCities. Problem with that was when PhotoPoint went belly up and GeoCities "disappeared" a couple of my websites I had a lot of pictures that were suddenly orphaned. Over the years I've been rebuilding these lost web sections and this is the index of those earliest explorations.

11-07-09: Rebuilding "MizKoshka's old Area51/Shadowlands Site: Work from around 1999" GeoCities website.

how to hinge an egg is the first section to be rebuilt

The rest of my first website will be being rebuilt but not all at once. This section was rebuilt because a new ClayMate, Suzy, asked if anyone experienced Sculpey discoloring when it was cured. I said, "I have pictures." and it took me two hours to rebuild this section. That's enough for my Saturday night.

04-18-2009: Feet-O-Clay: This is for Kay in South Africa, who is having trouble with her wrists. An alternate way to condition clay. ;-) Captions below the pictures. Photos taken 02-20-2001. This clay mix was for "Caucasian skin" colored clay.


Sassy The Cat Cane - 1999

1999 Day of the Dead Skull Egg

The Pinch pot turned into a pitcher

1999 Apple and Candied Apple one page Tute

1999 Gold and Black Bullseye

1999 Rebuild - Mixed Chop Index

2000 Egg: Rebuilding the Egg Section.

02-29-08, Leap Day, The Gallery got toasted with the last webhost and is being rebuilt.