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Highlights for Past Months

December 2002 Highlights: Christmas Room Box, Easy Breezy Natasha Bead Tricks, Prince of Fire Sculpting, Face Off #30: Symmetry and Attractivenes. Play With Your Food. Demos: Shady Sadie Gets Hairy 2, Tiger Cane Review; Natasha Beads; Fan Fold Flowers. Rambles: Holiday Stress; Don't Lie About Your Age; I Don't Do Cute. Stan Rice Memorial.

With the countdown to Christmas here's a repeat of the 2002 Christmas room, filled with miniatures made by the MiniScenesAndThings list members for a swap some years back. A little bit of time, a tiny bit of supplies, will give joy for years and years. That's what's so nifty about holiday minis. Just to give you a couple of ideas for next year. 

11-07-02 - WebCam Demo: Mini Scenes.  

Jen Doll is getting ready for the holidays. She'd rather be making minis than signing Season's Greeting cards, but a doll gotta do what a doll gotta do. Check out her minis: Mr. Mousie, The Matron Cat Woman, The Micro Minis from South Africa, the Dancing Doll in the box, the Micro Mini Potter's Hutch and a big work in progress making plastic mini stuff look nicer. 

12-18-2002: There's a number of tricks to making natasha beads quickly. Also there's different shapes the beads can end up after making those mirror images. Check them out. It's an ongoing process and this shows how to keep your beads organized. 

Are times tough for you? Are you suffering from the Holiday Blues? Do you feel like all you can do is worry about stuff? I give you what my step father gave to me once, the right to enjoy ourselves. Can't buy gifts  then make them. It's the thought that counts after all, not whether it's new or machine made. Just some thoughts on Holiday Brain Massage. 

Read The Holiday Ramble if you're feeling stress. 

Stan Rice, Former Chair of the Creative Writing Department of SFSU died, at 60. Husband of Anne Rice and Father to Christopher. A Poet and a Painter and too young to cross over. 

Pictures from the first introduction of Prince of Fire.

What's Not To Love Already? Nigel Bennett as Prince of Fire Miffed. Just the Cutest!

When sculpting the face of a real person one needs to study the face. Not just the looking at the camera and smiling sort of picture, but mug shots and 'making faces' like this. I've collected a handful of pictures of The Prince Of Fire, check them out. 

The Prince Of Fire: As part of the Face-Off event, sculpting realistic faces, this is my Nigel Bennett effort. A couple of hours of looking at the pictures captured from the TV and using the Easy Breezy Techniques you too can sculpt any face you desire. 


the first curing The face, hands and feet will be carved and filed for detail. Then the face will be painted with Translucent Liquid Sculpey tinted with clay for blush and eye color. Hair will be added last. 

Part of the FACE OFF on going event. Learning how to sculpt original faces. # 30 on the index of entries.  

 Let's Face IT: Symmetry and Attractiveness 

Play With Your Food, Please.

Dec. 28-29, 2002  Screen Shots

These are more pictures from this weekend with the fanfold technique. NJ made flowers...and more

Kathy of E. TN took these screen shots of the WebCam Demo that took place Sunday, 12-29-02.  Thanks a million Kathy.

WebCam Logs Screen Shots DigiCam

Dec. 3, 2002 

* part one - African chop and toss and natasha logs

* part two - Shady Sadie gets the other side of her hair done. Thank you Denise for this saved log.

Shady Sadie gets hairy (lost pix)

Thank you Denise for capturing these screen shots and getting them in the album.

Check out the

Bead Pages

December 8, 2002:

* Part One of Tiger Cane Review

* Part Two of Tiger Cane Review

Thanks to Mitch and the T-Guy for "goin and messing with da boat" for
the Saved Logs

Our thanks to Kathy of E. TN, who uploaded these screen shots of today's Tiger Cane Review. Doing the Easy Breezy Blend, rolling a ribbon, The Kiss to Impress Butt Ends (huh?) ;-) ...what else, Oh the Chevron Flip, pressing cane slices to sheets and some chop and toss Natasha beads with a Tiger Flower.

Dec. 28-29, 2002 

* December 28, 2002: Goofing around with chop, some bead nattering and then getting started with flowers and a Face Jar. 

* 01- December 29, 2002: Food Processor and Sheets, Cane Basics, , Tongues of Fire Stack, Elongated Striped Flower Petals.

* 02- December 29, 2002: Flowers and Fan Fold Cane

* 03- December 29, 2002: Flowers and Fan Fold Cane

* 04- December 29, 2002: Dots and Stripes in a cane, Star Gazer Lily petal. 

These are more pictures from this weekend with the fanfold technique. NJ made flowers...and more

Kathy of E. TN took these screen shots of the WebCam Demo that took place Sunday, 12-29-02.  Thanks a million Kathy.

* December 29, 2002: Flower Jar with a Forest Kai Face

  Tongues of Fire Flower Petals Screen Shots

Religious Holidays 

December 21, 2002: " Religious folk worldwide observe many seasonal days of celebration during the month of December. Most are religious holy days, and are linked in some way to the winter solstice." So starts the overview on the Religious Tolerance Site, go check it out. 

December 28, 2002: We're wishing everyone out there from the MSATClayArt list... Jolly Hannukwanzaamas. Which should cover all the bases don't you think? 

Boomers Don't Lie About Your Age: perpetuating the stigma of growing old

 The letter from the Editor of December's is "I don't do cute" a defense of Cute Clay Creations. This is my response for I don't do Cute.