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2003-March Highlights

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Starting from chopping up scraps to making layered chop. 

For more check out the Chop Index and the Chop Natasha Index

July 24, 2002: Production Mode Taking cane ends and trim and chopping them up into color families. Using those color families in making Natasha Beads. Size reference for mini Natasha Beads. 

For claymates who have been with the list for a long time know I go on these production runs. When I pick a target and put it through its paces and train my muscle memory.

This Production section I just put together today is to show what has been made since I started this Natasha Bead run early last month. Those boxes of scraps have cane that goes back to 1998 and constitute the last of my cane ends and trims.

Since I fell into this bead hole so hard you've only been able to see my feet sticking out I thought I'd share in pictures what obsession looks like.

For the Fourth of July, 2002... 76 skewers of beads on a rack.

Slip another bead on the barbie skewer: Sanding tips for beaders.

August 10, 2002: Pallet of Chop: A rainbow assortment of chop logs and the beads made from them. Sort that trim by color and then chop, then bead. But start out with trippy cane to begin with. 
Multi Mix Chop: These beads were made of these different clay runs: Pearl Run, Tiger's Eye Sheets, New Abalone from 2002.  



Forest inspired layered chop and a fist full of beads. 


Blue Africa Mix A quick overview of an African Chop that gets compressed for Natasha Beads. Each Themed Chop is different from the last batch. It's like that TV Cajun Cook's Dish "What the Hell Chicken", you take chicken and mix it with what ever the hell is in the refrigerator.  The African Mix changes with what canes are available.

July 3, 2002 Bead Necklaces: Four pictures of some of the chop and toss natasha beads strung as necklaces. They are like my babies since they were some of my first bead necklaces.


8-12-2002: Sunset layer your chop using nature as your guide.

8-11-2002: Sunrise beads, layering warm colors

07-31-02: Two Blue For Midnight Two different blue mixes, one light and one dark.  01-17-09 update. I found this page not linked to this page and I'm adding it now with an extra picture.

07-29-02: All Fall Down

01-17-09 update. I found this page not linked to this page and I'm adding it now with an extra picture.

End Of Run: 12-18-2002: There's a number of tricks to making natasha beads quickly. Also there's different shapes the beads can end up after making those mirror images. Check them out. It's an ongoing process and this shows how to keep your beads organized.