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Highlights for Past Months

March 2003 Highlights

March is Mexico Month. That included Native American, SouthWest and TexMex themes. Food: Tropical Fruit, Chilie Peppers, Guacamole, Tacos and Enchiladas.  Pottery and mini scenes in a jar and a sculpted Frida Kahlo.

These go backwards in time, so for the beginning of these sculptures go to the bottom of the page and work your way up. 

Extended Family 1, 2, 3, New Eyes 03-28-03

Epson Album of Little Sister's EyeJob WebCam Demo of 03-27-03

1, 2, 3, 
03-25-03: What I discovered in the TLS and Clay Painting experiments so far

The TLS'd Family: Still a work in progress and a load of experimentation with painting with TLS and clay color. 

Cowboy Kai started this experiment with painting with TLS and pigment on figures like make up.  This new section is the index of the figures who will be painted on using Translucent Liquid Sculpey and clay color. 

03-21-03 Frida Kahlo inspired figure. A work in progress. This was done from start to this point during one day of WebCam Demo. 

03-18-03- Showing Emotion and How That's Communication

Filing Faces

Let's Face It, Nothing Is Perfect The First Time Around

Sculpt - Nursing Mom: From Isis with Horus to the Virgin Mary with the Christ Child, the icon of the mother and the baby is a potent one. Who do we love first if not our mothers? Who do we love the most if not our children?  

PB&J fixings with sleeping kitty in a jar ...well on the inside of the peanut butter jar lid, the glass isn't on it because I wanted to take pictures of it.

Chop Index: There are other things to do with chop than make Natasha beads. There are different way of layering chop,  dealing with making beads quickly with Natasha Logs, techniques with compression and theme building with cane design. There seemed to be a need for a couple of different sections. The Chop Index will have the following two: The Chop Bead Index and The Chop Natasha Index, becoming the portal to the land of chop, tossed or not.  

The Chop Bead Index Starting from chopping up scraps to making layered chop. The whole process is shown. Three years of scraps and trim are transformed in this section. 

The Chop Natasha Index: The How-To on doing layered beads; tips on Do Not twist but rather Compress; Natasha Logs from which many beads can be sliced and mini Natasha Bead tips. 

The African Mix of March 2002 has been moved. Its url will read


The Leopard related tutorials link page has been moved to the Faux Directory. 

Leopard Kitty: This cane in a cat mold, moved to this new directory. 


Taking the Tiger by its tail and chopping it up

Jael (she cares for bunnies) took these screen shots of The Tiger Cane Natasha Pen effort of 03-31-03 and put them in the Epson Album herself. Great Team Effort and thank you Jael.  
Pens: Animal Chop - 03-31-03 Tiger, Leopard and Zebra Canes of Demo and given the chop and toss and pressed on to pens.
From The Early Show Medical Correspondant Dr. Emily Senay: It's Normal to feel Anxious, here's what to do

Not taking any side in any issue I'm concerned for those who are suffering from anxiety during this time. I'm sharing what Dr. Emily Senay said on the Early Show about what to do if you find yourself getting anxious. One suggestion was to continue with your hobbies... that's us folks, we're part of the therapy. 

Rambles for March

It's Normal to feel Anxious,

20 rules of wisdom  

Mini Clay FAQ

Spread the Joy

Patty Roused A Ramble: The Good Steward or I believe you got the RIGHT to Clay. 

To explain the quarter jar.