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2003 February Highlights

 February 2003 was  Ancient Egypt Month 

Kai and Xev are going Egyptian here. Just use gold for everything and line the eyes in black, eyebrows in black, toss a gold head wrap on it and you're done. Easy Breezy Egyptian Embellished Faces. 

Amanda's great Tute, waiting on a thumbnail

February 4, 2003 WebCam Demo: 3pm Pacific

The Lotus Cane was voted to be done over armatures and wee people sculpting.

Feb 2003 Highlights for Demo Pix, Logs and other nifty stuff.


This Blue Nile Lotus will be offered as a mini flower 3D in a future Demo.

EgyptianArtifacts-01.htm four pictures

The Eye or Horus is in the queue as well. We need to do faux stone mixes for this one so you Faux Stoners, you know the drill.

  Egyptian Faux Stone Mixes Needed

Discussing the Extended Family Sculpture
02-19-03a: Log of Face part of sculpting demo. Scroll below thumbnails of the pictures.

02-19-03b: Picture of the faces sculpted for the demo 

They are Walking Like Egyptians. 

02-19-03c: Family unit made with the sculpted faces.

Hot out of the oven a family for the loving. Taking the figures done in demo and making a family unit. 

02-19-02d: Extended family under wraps

Wrapping up the week's worth of sculpting demos with the Extended Family. 

Filing Faces with the Egyptian Family
5, Trio-1
6, Trio-2
7, Ma, Pa and The Kid
TLS Make Up for the Egyptian Family

The Extended family: Nursing Mom with baby, Uncle and the boy and girl, Ma Pa and the baby, all need TLS face Make Up. 
Pa's Page, gets the TLS treatment, still uncured. 
Ma's Page: She and the baby get the TLS treatment. The TLS areas are still uncured. 
wigging out as usual

Starting to ramble about doing Egyptian Wigs, taking cues from CowBoy Kai's implanted hair extensions.


001 - Who's interested in exploring the art forms of Ancient Egypt?

002 - Ancient Egyptian Website Links

What's the point of the Egyptian Links? 

003 - What we need to do for Ancient Egyptian Prep

Egyptian Faux Stone Mixes Needed

004 - Tips on doing face molds and sculpting with gold

005 - About Ancient Egyptian Miniatures.

Duwat Correction: Duwat Diddty Mummies in the City

Egyptian Influence with the Jewish, Christian and Muslim Communities

Hydrocephalus in Ancient Egypt

quotes from Osiris, Isis and Horus vs Seth

More Egyptian Links: Jewelry, Projects for Polymer Clay, Art History, Nifty Eye Candy.