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2003 February Highlights

Highlights for Past Months

February 2003 Highlights: Ancient Egyptian Month with canes, sculpting and rambles. Everything seems to be going to Pot, ok. Wigging out with Cowboy Kai. Purple and pearl petals and Purple Roses. Pressed Sheet Experiment with tons of Translucent clay. TLS Ramble at the bottom. 
 February 2003 was  Ancient Egypt Month 

Kai and Xev are going Egyptian here. Just use gold for everything and line the eyes in black, eyebrows in black, toss a gold head wrap on it and you're done. Easy Breezy Egyptian Embellished Faces. 

February 4, 2003 WebCam Demo: 3pm Pacific

The Lotus Cane was voted to be done over armatures and wee people sculpting.


This Blue Nile Lotus will be offered as a mini flower 3D in a future Demo.

Demo Logs

02-04-03: Merrie saved the first three and me the last. 

Lotus Cane -1

Lotus Cane -2

Lotus Cane -3

Lotus Cane -4

Screen Shots

1) Denise caught 65 shots with chat.

2) Bonsai Kathy Caught 82 pictures of the lotus cane without chat log. A preview of the mini Natasha log pots are a diversion in the middle of cane making. Up to filling in the gaps and starting to reduce the HUGE round cane.

3) Kristy caught 12 shots that come after Kathy's and Denise's. Kristy is a new shooter for Demo!

Digital Pictures

Does it seem like it's all 


Point Being? 


1) Going to Pot. Taking the End o Cane from the Lotus efforts, making wedges from them and making wedge pots.

2) Taking leaf shapes and making pots out of them, a variation of the Wedgie Pot. Chopping up Midnight Lotus and doing a Natasha Pot. Taking a complex cane and doing another Natasha pot.

3) Going over the secrets of potting, tips and hints galore here.

4) Night Owl Special, review of the three pot techniques: Disk, Wedge and Natasha


Also it's the Lotus 4, "going to pot". Taking the End o Cane for the Lotus efforts and making pots from wedges.

02-07-03: Preview Pots - a couple of thumbnails of Future Finished pots.

The Eye or Horus is in the queue as well. We need to do faux stone mixes for this one so you Faux Stoners, you know the drill.

  Egyptian Faux Stone Mixes Needed

2/28/03: Filing faces after curing the clay.

2/25/03 WebCam Log Discussing the Extended Family Sculpture

02-19-02d: Extended family under wraps

Wrapping up the week's worth of sculpting demos with the Extended Family. 

02-19-03c: Family unit made with the sculpted faces.

Hot out of the oven a family for the loving. Taking the figures done in demo and making a family unit. 

02-19-03b: Picture of the faces sculpted for the demo 

They are Walking Like Egyptians. 

wigging out as usual

Starting to ramble about doing Egyptian Wigs, taking cues from CowBoy Kai's implanted hair extensions.

New Rambles on the Ancient Egyptian Theme. You can read them and more all indexed on The Ancient Egypt main page. 

Duwat Correction: Duwat Diddty Mummies in the City
Egyptian Influence with the Jewish, Christian and Muslim Communities
Hydrocephalus in Ancient Egypt
quotes from Osiris, Isis and Horus vs Seth
More Egyptian Links: Jewelry, Projects for Polymer Clay, Art History,
Nifty Eye Candy.

Purple and Pearl petal with inserts. 

While hanging out in chat I showed a new flower petal. CherylH and Jackie wanted to see it so I showed them and took pictures as I went along. Enlarged pictures with captions and all that happy stuff is ready for viewing. 

2-11-03 WebCam Demo: Well what did come out nicely were the roses. Two techniques on that favorite flower. The Pressed Leaves experiment turned out to be a "close but no cigar" effort. A sneak preview of something new. 

Demo Log


1) Open Cam Prep to Background Sheet. 

2) Invitation to Disaster

3) Close but no Cigar

4) Two Roses Too

Screen Shots

Syl caught 36  shots of the Roses.  

The Gold Leaves of grave disappointment had no screen shots, good, it didn't come out right anyway.

Digital Pictures

02-11-03 Demo Pix

Digital pix of the PREVIEW of the Speckled Translucent Hibiscus Flower sheet. Huh you say?! Well the pix have come with Lincoln's Birthday. 2/12/03

The TLS Experiment, just gotta do it : In response to a new claymate asking what "tls" meant. Denise said I should "put this up" somewhere. So the somewhere is the MSATClayArt ClayMate's Experiment Index Page