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Don't ask. I don't know where this idea came from. I have a bunch of these face molds from doing Kai dolls. I had this leaf cane that was insane and just didn't work as a leaf. In a fit of pique I took a large slice and put it in a Kai face mold. He always makes things prettier and this awful leaf became facial tribal markings. Slap it on the Jar.
I had started out thinking I'll just put up a couple of leaves around the top. Things are soon to get totally out of hand.
Up close you can tell this is a fantasy leaf as are all the leaves I've been doing. The blend between green and  orange were used differently here.
Oddly enough the more I add the more it seems to need more leaves. Good thing I made a lot of leaf cane. Check out the finished Jar in the Autumn Leaf Jar section. 
Michael McManus has such a nice profile. Having tribal markings on his face lends an air of mystery. Is this a temple for an Idol? Why, of course it is.
I like taking shots with some shadows, so you can see the features better. This is the end of this section on the two methods used to make leaves and the starting of the Autumn Leaf Jar. Thanks for slogging through it all.