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Crimson and Golden Experiments

More "found photos" from the Summer of 2001 and being given space on the website on 5/30/11.

The Chop bead pages

Premo Pearl Mix Clay  Rainbow pendants and earring process shots, made with Premo clay with pearl mixed in already. 

Pendants made with the Sheet Technique. Thin slices of cane pressed on a background sheet and then fiddled with. 

Rainbow Ammonite

Rainbow Ammonite on a Folded Shell Pendant... whew

Blend for the Water Planets, LEXX

Earrings, necklaces, pendants, pins

5 necklaces, single and double strand
Bug Petal Pendant
Abalone Hanging Hankies
Tiger Cane Chop Beads
Tiger's Eye Bone Pendant
Sushi Jewelry
Peanut Butter and Jelly Jewelry
Lexx Pendants

I wore the WaterPlanet Necklace dancing at the Social at the LEXX Uncon in Halifax. 

Earrings for Water Planet.
  Water Planet Petal
Water Planet Flower
Water Planet Pendant
Lexx Iris Cane and things made of it. 
TLS Lace and Printable Bead

I wanted to put lace and mini printables on a bead, for a Barbary Coast sort of Gold Miner's Dance Hall sort of bead, which is so San Francisco

Xev Pin 2001