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The Alter Ego of NoraJean, along with Aunty Alias, SFeurasian and Claystress

Everyone has an alter ego and this is mine for LEXX. Wild MotorCycle Mama with wind in her hair. Now if you really think this is my body then I have a bridge I'd like to sell to you. If you're amused with my site and appreciate the tutorials and rambles then help support this site by buying some of my clay art. 

Help keep free teaching free by buying some of the art that is created in the process of passing obscure and esoteric techniques to others. It's charity in spirit if not in actual tax deductions. 

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04-28-11: New Publicity Director for the San Francisco Astrological Society

I volunteered for the position and was accepted. We waited until Mercury went direct before moving forward.

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05-24-2011: Updated my astrology chart picture. My name change is final so I'm back to Nora Jean Stone.

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03-26-09: has to be rebuilt.