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Mac How To

Thank you Edie/RubensModel for all your help for our Mac Users.

01-06-06: Download Yahoo Messenger, add norajean_SF to your Friend's list, send an Instant Message to norajean_SF when Demo is scheduled and the name is BOLD. You'll get an invite to come to the Yahoo Messenger Conference. You can open the webcam from inside the conference or from the Friend's list.
10/7/02: How to take screen shots with the MAC: 

Apple-shift-3 will take a shot of your whole screen. Apple-shift-4
will give you a set of cross-hairs so you can click and drag over
just the area you want to save. They will save sequentially as
picture 1, picture 2, ect, and you can go back and rename them as you


Out of curiosity, what problem are Mac users running into when
watching the Webcam on YM? Is it because you haven't gone to OS X
yet? I was able to enjoy the woodgrain demo last night without
problems, but I'm running OS X and the YM beta for OS X, which runs
fine on my machine ( G4 Ti book, 512 RAM, if that helps)

Just curious, as its a really great thing and incredibly cool to watch!

rabid Mac evangelista


Kay said
>Do you think it is OS X that allows you more access?

Hmmm. Well, X definitely is better on multi-threading, which is
letting several programs run at once, and if one crashes, it doesn't
bring the whole system down.  However, YM 2.0 doesn't offer webcam
support, and I suspect that's what you're running. I definitely do
understand the limits of GreyMatter RAM, too! It can be a bit
intimidating to have a chat window up and the friends window and the
webcam, but it's certainly something you can do!

  While you're looking at the files on your hard drive, single click
on the YM icon, type Apple-i at the same time. That will give you a
Get Info window and tell you what version you're running. (Sorry if
that's too basic for you -- some people know that kind of stuff and
some people don't. Don't mean to be assuming you know nuttin' bout
your 'puter!)

What machine are you running, and how much RAM do you have? The new
beta for Mac does
have webcam support. I'm running the X beta version and its been rock
solid -- I'd suggest you download and try the new beta. I've run YM
betas for years and rarely had a problem with them, so I think
they're fairly safe for a reasonably experienced user. It requires a
minimum of 8.6 and Carbon Library 1.5, but if you don't have that for
some reason you can get it from Apple and it will be fine. As with
all machines, the more RAM, the better.

It looks like anyone who is running Mac 8.6 or above should be able
to use the new YM with screencam support. Some older machines may not
be very fast at it, depending on their screen refresh rate.... if
anyone needs help with it, let me know and I'll try to be of
assistance. Those demos are way cool!