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How to Do Screen Shots, by Mitchell/Frogger

Hi, guys. I've typed up a set of instructions on how to do screen
shots. I don't know how you other gals do it, this is just the way I
do it. I would like to hear from the others that do them, and I'll
add it to the list. When I get all the instructions, I'll upload them
to the main site.

I'm hoping to get more of us that can do them, because it seems to
really be restricting the demos, or at least to me. I would think if
more of us can do the shots, it would help NJ out a little more. I
think there are only three or four of us at the moment that can do
them. So lets try to help out where we can and share what we know.

Pretty please with a cherry on top!


In a recent chat I was asked to type up a set of instructions to get
screen shots for the demos. Well, here goes!

First of all, open up your photo editor. I don't know if this will
work for everyone, but if you use ArcSoft Photo Studio 2000 SE, I
know it will work. Other programs might be similar, but I don't know
as I've never used another one.

After you get it open, look at the top where it says
File->Edit->Select->.whatever else. I click on File, then go down and
click on Capture. Another box comes up with three choices
(Window->Client Area->Desktop). I make sure the button next to
Desktop is marked. Set this up for when you are ready to take your
shot. Once you are ready, click OK. It will take a second, but you
will then have your shot.

There is also another way to get shots, but I find it is more
complicated. I can also use Print Shop Essentials. Once you get a
blank page open on that one, hit the Print Screen on your keyboard,
but make sure your printer is off. You don't want to print what is on
the screen, just get it on the clipboard. Then get back on the Print
Shop screen, right click on the page, then paste.

After you take each one of the shots, just leave it until you get to
take a break or the demo is finished. Then you will be able to crop
and save them.