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Mini Things Made after 2003

Jen Doll 1999

JenDoll's debut, hanging out in the Japan Room movie set.

Mr. Mousie's House

1/4th scale

Mr. Mousie lives there with four mice of his own. 1999

Claystress in an Egg

A clay lady sculpture with flowers in a hinged chicken egg. 1999

Even though it's only inside of an egg shell it is still a mini scene.

The Desperados  

What the Japan Room really look like. A turned up banker's box top and some foam core. Just like a movie set. How to make a cloth mini Kimono look like it's hanging from a hook. Link to how to make mini Kimono and Futon on my 1998 site. 


Memorial Day Marathon Demo: You tell me the story
JenDoll is getting ready for the holidays.




On Site: For the holidays

The Day After Christmas 2000, a room box with holiday minis made by my fellow list mates in the MiniScenesAndThings list family. 

On Site: December 21, 2001

Hang with Stan the Man at the Cantina for your Winter Solstice. 

The Unjustly Maligned Majestically Being is just trying to chill at the cantina when found by the paparazzi. 

A Box for a Golden MerMaid:  2002
Jar Food Page Mexican Mini Scene, 2003

PB&J fixings with sleeping kitty in a jar, 2003

2000: The Blue Rose. My first "Leigh" rose on a blue background. The table, tray and tea set all match.