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Early efforts in sculpting. The older the web section the rougher my skill set. Which means that if you practice you'll get more proficient too.

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Aluminum foil armature. Twist and Shout and knock yourself out.
Tisha: the impatient doll, skins herself rather than wait for me. Using the leaf shaped cut out tools to cover your aluminum foil armature. 


May, A Doll: This doll was started in May 2002. She languished in a goofed up directory and I've just moved her to be with in the sculpting area. Part of the May 2003 Spring Clean up. 

All Sizes: The same technique made these figures of all sizes. Aluminum foil twisted into an armature and covered with clay. Clay sheets for clothing. No matter what the scale this Easy Breezy Technique works for figures. 

04-21-03 Demo Logs: 1, 2, 3


Skulls, faces and races

Full Sized Faces: Two Men and one Woman. Difference races, different faces. Plus an eyeball make over.
Obachan: From foil armature to a Granny with a heart of gold. See how it's done.


and the Centaur who pursues her are ready for viewing.