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Sculpting sections: Gathering the different sculpting sections in one place. If you're new to sculpting with polymer clay start from the top and work your way down.

Dworkin, 1999: Here is one of my first sculptures and it was for Jen of Austin TX. She used to play Everquest and this was a character she had created. Using a picture that she sent to me I sculpted this Gnome and surprised my own self with some of the tricks I fell over. Check out how his face is sculpted. For those who don't want to mash away at clay to get a certain look, put balls of clay down and then lay skin clay over it and smooth it on the balls. Do that as an alternate to putting balls of flesh colored clay on a blank face.

So check it out for some ancient clay history for my sculpting journey. Jen says with all her moves he is still in one piece. Cool.

Dolls Figures Faces

Aluminum foil armature, covering the armature with leaf shaped clay sheets, first sculpting efforts.  Tisha, May Doll, Obachan, Nagaman, Many Races Many Faces.

LEXX: Learning clay tricks with the LEXX folks, early efforts. 

LEXX INDEX, 07-08-04, gathering up the usual suspects. For more current efforts using the LEXX Theme with sculpting, Raising Cane and other clay adventures.

FACE SCULPTING with FACE OFF the Non-Swap: Links, tips, show and tell on the ongoing effort with the ClayMates. Samples of their first sculpting efforts.

August 2002 Sculpting Chronicle

Rounding up the Usual Suspects:

Sculptures that need to be finished.

Mayan Maiden Blood Ritual 05-18-03 

My error it's Mayan and not Aztec. 5 pictures, part of Jen's Welcome Back a gallery showing her Sculpting from 2000. This figure is hanging out with my mini Day of the Dead collection that's on my monitor, sorry for the dust on everything.  

Sculpt Index 2003

Eyes, eyeball iris, filing faces, TLS on faces. Nursing Mom, Creole Queen, RitaMaid. Faces made with Skull form.

It's Raining Men  

Sculptures that are male, anatomy book samples, Fu Man Chu, Lurking Man, Kai and Prince of Fire, Jean Luc,  Lil'Man. 

Fantasy Figures

Monkey Man, Mermaids, Nagaman, Lobster Lady, Centaur and Centaurette.

09-19-03: Review of Faces and Figures This page holds a bunch of links that will walk you though making figures. From mixing skin colored clay, the aluminum foil armature, sculpting faces, everything I discovered in my experiments in clay. 

There's other ways of making figures to be sure. All I can share is what I discovered. Know that I aim to keep things cheap, relatively simple and easy. 


Check out Man and Beast for more current sculpting efforts.