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Up to 2003

How-To page on covering tins

with new and old tin examples

New Tins from 2003 to the present

Here is the African Mix Tin that I hold my color cards in. It's my favorite. 

Reckless Eyeball Tin

Paces Taking the two basic design elements: lace cane and bullseye and putting them through their paces. 

Day of the Dead Guardian Angel and Woman Tin

04-17-03 Digi Pix of what was made in Demo. She's still rough draft. 

Demo Log of 04-17-03 For the Leaf Lady Tin

Thank you Peggy for sending me a copy of the log since I got booted out before saving. 

Rainbow Blend Leaves with Flowers Sheet Covered Tin

WebCam Demo Logs:

  1. Showing the Hat, doing the rainbow blend and making leaves and pressing a sheet.
  2. Taking that sheet and covering a Tin. (T2)
These are old and got their sections rebuilt. 

Folded Sheets of Abalone Colors on three Tins: Rebuild from 2001 

The one on top will get a separate section. The ones on the bottom are detailed. Links to the tutorials for folding abalone colored clay. 


Rumble in the Jungle:

Full Sized Orchid Tin

Hawaii Tin with Plumeria Petals: Groups 1 and 2: Tips on construction can be found in the captions of the enlarged pictures. 

05-29-11: Made on 7-23-2001 Mo-Fish Main Index: 10 pictures each for two experimenting with fish scale cane and SciFi arm bands. Now everyone say in unison "Whiskey-Foxtrot-Tango?!".

Index - 1: Gold-Silver-Black-Pearl fish scale and Single Layer Arm Band. 

Index-2: Silver - Pearl Scale and Three Layer Arm Band

05-30-11: Found the photos of the Black and Pearl Fish Scale Mini Tin with the flower.

It was made around the summer of 2001.

05-30-11 this section was rebuilt. Ivy in Hawaii Tin

It was made around the summer of 2001.

05-30-11 this section was rebuilt. Gold-Grey Lace Cane Tin

It was made around the summer of 2001.