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Claying for Dollars or Claying for Healing

a ramble for the week end

11-16 and 17, 2002: Fish Scale Experiments Demo Logs

Denise's Screen Shots 28 photos

Fish Scale Examples (11 Screen Shots with chat)


Look at chicken feet and tell me it's not reptile. Snake taste like chicken and alligator ear bones are just like birds. So from scales to feathers a natural flow.  Four New Examples of the 2002 Feather Trick. 

Sing "It was GOLD Feather..." Click on this and go off to the Fish Scale Section.

Since everything starts from the sea, the watery mother of us all, this cane evolved in the Fish Scale experiments of *11-16 and 17, 2002, Week End Marathon WebCam Demo. From fish to reptiles can be found in Fish Scales.  

Demo Logs

11-26: Hair Implants

Hair-01, Hollow Face Trick *

Hair-02, Hair Extensions are Non Flammable *

Hair-03, Kai Face and Bobby Pin *

Hair-04, Shady Sadie Gets Hairy *

Hair-05, Shady Sadie's Pix are Done *

Hair-06, Stan the Heavy Metal Man *

Hair-07, To the "Cut it short" end  *

Screen Shots

Hair implants on Shady Sadie, one half head done. Full Size Mask. 

Hair Roll Up
I rolled up a ribbon of clay, laid hair on it, made a hairy jelly roll and fashioned the clay end like a bowl and put it on a presculpted mini head. In this case it was Stan the Heavy Metal Man.  

Thank you Kathy of E. TN for taking all these screen shots. 


Rumble in the Jungle Tin 

Done last year and PhotoPoint went dark, now it's rebuilt, with captions discussing technique and How-To. There's 38 pictures with just making the tin. There's other leaf and flower tutes, pictures of real orchids and bromelaids, and that doesn't include the making of the orchid. The whole point of this exercise is to remind folks that if it is not full size, it's miniature. So those who say "I'm not a miniaturist." I ask you... is your flower THIS big? Probably not.


Mini Scenes -1

Mini Scenes -2

Mini Scenes -3

Mini Scenes -4

Mini Scenes -5

11-14-02: Captions Done


11-07-02 - WebCam Demo: Mini Scenes.  

Jen Doll is getting ready for the holidays. She'd rather be making minis than signing Season's Greeting cards, but a doll gotta do what a doll gotta do. Check out her minis: Mr. Mousie, The Matron Cat Woman, The Micro Minis from South Africa, the Dancing Doll in the box, the Micro Mini Potter's Hutch and a big work in progress making plastic mini stuff look nicer.