10-27-06: Consolidated two websites together. Hub's said "do it".

This site is the three year archive of Starting from 12/12/2000 to 7/9/2003.

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Check out Highlights for Past Months: Art work and tutorials used in teaching from September 2002 through July 31, 2003. Looking for something specific use the search engine.  

NoraJean.Com features current works that are subject to change.

New Projects Index I'm going to use this page to support Newbie Box Swap Topics. 

Monthly Highlights  One thumbnail and all the text links sorted by months from the most current month going back to August 2003. 

Update 03-2609: Webcam demos are on haitus. WebCam Index For how to get to our free Yahoo Messenger Chat for Demos.

 Demo Stuff All things made in Demo for CITY-o-Clay are up for sale in the hope that we can keep online art teaching free for the public.

Generic Rants: text based nattering.

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To see what all the clay faces are taking about.

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