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From: "Nora Jean Gatine" <>
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2004 04:54:55 -0000

A Time to Do More Than Pray

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There is a time to pray and there is a time for action. This is a time to take action. There are 1275 of us here on this list. If each of us donated $10.00 to the Red Cross or the Red Crescent that's close to $13,000. That's a lot when you figure we're just a list for polymer clay and miniatures. That's a lot when you figure with our small donations we could save lives.

We can designate our donations to go towards the relief efforts for those in desperate need due to the Tsunami caused by the largest Earthquake in our written history.

All the things that cause us to think we are different from another are erased in the face of this natural catastrophe. Whether we are Christian, Muslim or Jewish. Whether we are white, black, asian or in between. Whether we are rich or poor. All that is erased and this is our opportunity to do something that goes towards world peace and harmony.

By the fact that we have computers in our home, can read this post, that means we have so much more than those who are now in need of drinking water, food and medicine.

We have a roof over our heads. We have electricity and internet connection. We have enough spare resources to buy our art supplies.

We can do this. We can afford this small amount.

I do not implore the list that often for donating to causes.

This time I am. Natural disasters are something we can't ignore.

We can watch the news, weep for those who morn their loss, be struck with disbelief with the mounting number of dead. We can feel helpless or we can rise to the occasion and give a little bit of what we have to those who now have nothing.

There isn't a country that hasn't lost a citizen in this disaster.
For the tourist spots in Thailand had citizens from around the world enjoying the holidays when the Tsunami struck.

So whether you're from the USA, Canada, Mexico, The EU, South America or Africa, there's someone who speaks your language, who shares your culture who is mourning someone right now.

We are all humans. We all feel for the parents who have lost their children. Having been a child we can feel for the children who are now orphaned.

So I am asking all of you to donate what you can, to whatever agency or religious organization you feel comfortable with, and this will aid us all in the long run.

For none of us likes to feel helpless. When we take action we are no longer on the sidelines, stunned and confused. We are empowered and we are blessed.

Take action. Be part of the relief effort. Let's put aside all our
differences and out of a sense of humanity be part of the rescue and relief effort.

As I read this post to my husband I began to weep. For how can we not feel for those who are in such great need.


NoraJean Gatine


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