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What's New?

I haven't put anything new on this page for years. I'm going to be putting non-clay new stuff here along with web edit updates. The new clay stuff will go to the Monthly Highlights page until the month turns.

I have to rebuild BH4DO because it was a FrontPage theme and new browsers do not support old software. I'm now using Expression Web and am in the midst of spring cleaning the website.

05-13-08: Since the last time I've updated this page I've been sculpting faces and making molds of those faces. Adjusting the impression made from the molds and repeating the process to get a diverse population for the BH4DO project.


It just reaffirms my belief that one gets better at doing something with a lot of practice.  The majority of the faces I need to sculpt are Afro-American and it's been fun studying the faces of famous Afro-Americans.

02-23-08: Since I'm focusing on sculpting I was poking about
these pages and discovered these two pages had tons of
links that were pointing off to 404 land. I was a bit
mind blown that the links that pointed to the
Biz-Archive were not updated. My bad. sculptures that still live with me. 

and sculptures that have new homes. 

Saying "Solly"  a short story written in 2006, for a collection called "If it's not one thing, it's your mother". Since there's been no word of this short story collection being sold to a publisher I'm sharing my contribution in the Bonsai Trailer Court.
02/14/08: Since Epson is closing down the photo storage website in April 2008 I'm on a mad dash to copy the Demo Screen Shots caught and hosted by ClayMates.

I've learned how to do quick photo galleries with FrontPage. The screen shots will be found on the Epson Gallery Index. On each page of screen shots will be links to the Demo they came from, links to digital pictures of the technique.

On the my pages the links to Epson albums will be replaced with the relevant gallery page. Can you tell I'm not going to get any new claying done?

It's a boatload of work and I'm determined to have it done before the April deadline. I have all the Other Epson Albums copied and still have to capture my old albums that still had photos in them.  

02/12/08: It's been a couple of years since I added anything here but I thought since it's linked to every footer I should start nattering here, for the click worthy curious.

02-03 through 02-08-08: Website Woes: The solution is near.

02-09-08 To Do List: What still needs to be done.

That being said there's nothing new other than rebuilding Epson Album demo screen shots before April 2008. Fixing outdated footers and links in this newly moved website.

When I'll be getting back to polymer clay it'll be to finish the skewers of beads that is a big reuse/recycle project.


The Rambles and Rants are getting updated and edited.

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01-03-08: My onsite WordPress Blog was fixed. Now it's toast.  I have a new web section that's going to be a blog space, but it's not WordPress, it's just a subsite. A wee prefab shelter in this meandering site.

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Nov. 12, 2006: MSATClayArt has a new name CITY-o-Clay. I just moved the MSATClayArt files to the "Biz-Archive" section of this site. There's a lot of links and pictures to fix with the move so if you are looking for something specific email me.

The Tute-List for this site is a combination of old and new projects. 

 First Three Years - Biz-Archive will have links to projects that go only up to July 2003. Don't confine yourself to just the old tutorials.


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