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Monthly Highlights

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Highlights vs The Tute List

NEW New YouTube Video Tutes Getting the videos in some sort of order so it would be easier for the ClayMates to find what they are looking for. This is a work in progress 8/28/11. Happy New Moon in Virgo!

New To Me Clay Tricks

  1. WaveShave

  2. Scratch Crayon

  3. Sanded Stone

  4. EyeBall Pin

  5. Leaf on Water

  6. Push Cane Sample

  7. Inro

  8. Canewich Index

  9. Extruded Clay Molded

  10. Powders on raw clay

  11. TLS with colored Mica.

  12. Fire Cane

  13. Tumbling Block Trick

  14. 2 Face Beads

  15. 03-20-07 - The Birthday Inro

  16. 03-01-07, Brown Rose Experiment

  17. 03-03-Brown Rose

  18. 03-06-07 Rose Draft

  19. 09-28-07-Black, Silver, Pearl

  20. 12-27-07 Tigers Eye Beads

  21. Soft Glass Tube and Connector

  22.  Fishing Swivel - Five Acres of Fear

  23. 09-28-09: Ring Start

  24. Air Dried Clay

Review Index many pictures and links to a particular topic.

  1. Air Bubbles

  2. Blends

  3. Review of Inro Experiments

  4. Reviews  A Hair Raising Overview

  5. Review of Roses

  6. Sci-Fi Yummy Guys

  7. Review Armature and bending limbs.

  8. Review of Color Cards

  9. Review of Miniatures June 2007

  10. Mini Food

  11. Pinch Pots

  12. Winter Holiday Tutorials

  13. Tongues of Fire: 06-11-04

  14. Animal Cane Review: 06-11-04

  15. Three Layered Beads: 06-11-04

  16. Faux Wood Grain Review

  17. Day of the Dead efforts from Past Years

  18. Review of 2003 Day of the Dead

  19. Polymer Clay and how to make honey  or marmalade and pots

  20. Review: Juicy Mini Foods

  21. Sculpt What You Love

  22. Review of Faces and Figures

  23. Face Sculpting Demo Preparation

  24. Review of Mini Food in a Jar

  25. Review of Faux Stones

  26. Memorial

Jewelry Index


Items from Volunteers

AZKathy's Docs Index

Kat's Demo Index

Ernesto's Mini Tea Pot Tute

Chop Index
Faux Index
The Pen Index


 Worktable 2007 through 2009

Show and tell. Computer wrestling. Using up scraps, making beads, wet sanding and other exciting chores.

Flower and Leaf Index  examples of using both flowers and leaves together.

Flower Index only flowers

Leaf Index  only leaves

FIJI Index - Tropical Flowers


The Diner Made prior to August 2003, the five sections in Biz-Archive.

Mini Food Index

  1. Bakery

  2. Meals

  3. Salad

  4. Thanksgiving Left Overs

  5. Holiday Treats

  6. Real Food to study

  7. Mini Dishes

Man And Beast Index Sculpting How-To, Demos and Figures.

What is available

  1. MerFolk: for fans of MerPeople.

  2. Josana 

  3. Taco Lady Index

  4. Lurking Man

  5. AbaFold Lady

  6. The Leaf Lady PenPal with her Beau "Holder"

  7. Flying Fairy Index Carrying Flowers

  8. Monkey Man   

  9. The MerBlue Family

  10. Mother and Baby in a hinged Emu egg

  11. Lex  Portrait Sculpture

  12. Rainbow MerCouple

  13. The TLS'd Egyptian Family

  14. Prince of Fire as an Elvis Impersonator

  15. 10-13-04 Demo Figures The Monk and the girl and the baby

  16. 11-20-04: Goblin Index 

  17. Centaur Bald Centaur with Hair

  18. Centaurette

  19. Lil''Man

What is gone
  1. Lady With Pot

  2. Chinese New Year Fire Dog

  3. Nursing Mom

  4. NagaMan

  5. Lobster Lady, Once More With Feeling

  6. Jean Luc

  7. Green Lady Index-2

  8. RitaMaid

  9. Frida Khalo

  10. Basket Seller

  11. The Creole Queen

  12. Fu Man Chu

  13. Afro Couple

MerFolks Round Up

PenPal Index  Figures sculpted around a ball point pen barrel.

  1. PenPal with base: Four examples of how to get your PenPal to stand up.

  2. LeafLady Index

  3. AfroAngel with sparkly wings.

  4. 04-12-04: Orchid Drape PenPal

  5. Green Girl Index

  6. The Chubby Dancer  

  7. 2004-Sleeping Lady  

  8. Pens made prior to August 2003


Mini Things

  1. Leopard Chaise Lounge - Gift

  2. 04-13-04: Mini Beads

  3. 12-05-2009 - Cowboy Hat

  4. 06-28-07 Broken Wings

  5. 10-02-05 Lady in Kimono A Little Worse for Wear

  6. 04-22-04: Hinged Box and Cradle

  7. 12-25-03: Kwanzaa Jar


  9. Translucent clay makes Mini Tiffany Lamps Easy Breezy.  1999

  10. Hand Blend and mini bird bath

  11. MiniScenes Made prior to August 2003

  12. The Diner Mini Food Made prior to August 2003, the five sections in Biz-Archive.

  13. Mini Food Index Made after 2003

  1. LeafManTin
  2. 12-25-05- Second day of Holiday Demo
  3. Kai-3's New Digs 
  4. Lexx Iris Cane
  5. Kai and Xev Busts
  6. Kai Face Mold done with 5 different faux wood grains.
  7. Half Dozen Examples of Embellished Kai Faces
  8. Sanded Stone, a technique that can be used on the inside of The LEXX. 
  9. Vermont Farm House Jr: Lex Giggerof Doll is hanging out. 
  10. Jan 10, 04: Two Tins Kai and Xev Face Molds used. 
  11. Jan. 11, 04: Two Tins Kai and Xev Face Molds used. 

  12. 01-12-04-OneTin Index: Example of how a face mold without expression can be given one easily.

Screen shots from former Epson albums.  Post to CITY-o-Clay regarding these photo gallery pages.

10-13-2009: Past Swap Items - Items made during Newbie Box Swaps hosted by CherylD. For more pictures go to  
ADC: Air Dried Clay and alternatives to polymer clay. A new section that is being built and will grow as ClayMates at CITY-o-Clay experiment. 09-01-09
Fiber and String A web section that will feature creations made with cloth and string.

08-20-2010: Crochet - Collar, Cuffs, Fingerless Gloves


05-17-08: Screen shots from former Epson albums. As many as could be salvaged were salvaged.  05-17-08: Post to CITY-o-Clay regarding these photo gallery pages.
Rebuild Index 1999-2002 Index of the earliest explorations. Albums and web sections that were lost when PhotoPoint went dark and Geocities axed a couple of my websites. BH4DO: Best seen with IE. Stop Motion/Claymation project. A study of sculpting black African/American faces. Making face molds and adjusting impressions with expressions.

09-02-09: Don't mess with Texas DIY Cookie Cutter by Sue: Informative and she's funny to boot. Can't lose with that combo.

Books: Recommended reading - Books I've read that I found interesting.

"Runagate-Rampant" Polymer Clay Sculpture Index

Bonsai Trailer Court - my short fiction from 1984, there abouts.

The text links are handy for me when doing demo.
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Other Epson Albums screen shots from demos  WebCam Index
02-09-08: Since we have a new webhost some things will be moved around. Some things will be retired, e.g. the Avi section replaced by YouTube.

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