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NJ Archive

This is some of my old stuff. 

Fiction, computer graphics, rebuilding my early exploration in clay for beginner claymates.

Rebuild Index


Archive: Bonsai Trailer Court

Desert: short fiction written in 1984.

Kaiko's First Story

Natasha from Bosnia had a fright

1997 Short Stories and Computer Graphics were stored at a GeoCities website and now it's gone. So I'm rebuilding it here. 04-22-04

11-07-09: Rebuilding "MizKoshka's old Area51/Shadowlands Site: Work from around 1999" GeoCities website.

how to hinge an egg is the first section to be rebuilt

The rest of my first website will be being rebuilt but not all at once. This section was rebuilt because a new ClayMate, Suzy, asked if anyone experienced Sculpey discoloring when it was cured. I said, "I have pictures." and it took me two hours to rebuild this section. That's enough for my Saturday night.

Archive: Clayman's Cave

1998: Mix Media Miniatures

Featuring: how to hinge an egg
1998 graphics

Various self portraits

The real Mata Hari.  Some buttons

1998 Elvis

Being rebuilt, free sites just evaporate sometimes. 
Easy Breezy Techniques Free Clay Teaching Tour
APRIL 2001 Travel Diary:

Beginner clay lessons can be found in the 1999 website. 1999: Polymer Clay Miniatures

Archive: Claystess in her Egg

Featuring: MSAT Tip Page of 1999 Here are the first clay lessons.


Monthly Highlights Since 8/2003

The official Clay vendor for



ComboTutes: New and old stuff

 First Three Years - Biz-Archive

NJ Archive 1997-1999