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Spread the Joy

Prolog: Ruth is 86 and I care for her three days a week. After a college education and working in the Dot.Com boom I'm back to being a "domestic" and spending less time doing live webcam demos. I share stories about Ruth with the Clay list. One Claymate asked me if I'm sorry that I can't do more demos because I love to play with clay? Ya, but we shall not grutch in the ranks. There's a positive way of looking at things for "it could be worse". 

I was thinking. I've not done a Ruth story in a while.

Lori Young, that was the name of the ballerina that Ruth and her
husband got a police escort for when they were lost in LA. I don't
think I mentioned that yet. I told Ruth that I told all y'all about
her getting lost with the ballerina and when only looking for
directions she got 4 cop cars and sirens. "But I don't know the name
of the Ballerina." I told her and she just took in some water to
rinse her tooth paste foam out of her mouth and instead of spitting
it out she swallowed it and said "Lori Young, oh dang.." and we both
started laughing. I told her each time she brushes her teeth I'm
going to think of ballerinas.

The sycamore is budding outside my room at Ruth's. I've never lived
near a sycamore and it's a new experience. I take my breaks out on a
deck, get some sun on my face and watch this tree wake up to spring.

I certainly cannot complain.

When Ruth does I dodge them.

If it's cloudy she doesn't like it and I remind her it could be
raining, which she likes less.

If it's raining, and she twists up her face, I remind her our friends
in NYC are up to their wrinkled nipples in snow. Which makes her
laugh and say, "Ok... it's not snowing." During the big post Valentine
snow I brought "Carousel" and she delighted in the shots of the sea
shore off of Maine. She's an East Coast Girl, Rhode Island "Live free
or die" is the state motto.

When she wants to just "give up" on doing some physical therapy I
remind her that she is from Rhode Island and she knows what that
means, and she redoubles her efforts.

We've had the best Musical luck. There has been a PBS pledge drive
with KQED and they had a Judy Garland special. The next day we
watched my video of "My Fair Lady" and she sang for the first time
since I've been there. Later there was a special on TV on the history
of the Musical. We saw Doris Day sing TWO songs. Doris Day with Long
Hair and a dress that couldn't make up it's mind.

When she looks at her self and winces and says, "I look terrible."

I remind her she knows it's herself there. She is able to speak and
be understood. She can hear and she can still sing when she gets the
spirit going. "It could be worse."

It is worse if we choose to look at it that way. If we wrench out
what little pleasure we can get out of our lives even when things are
tough and the world is scary then we've succeeded.  We've survived
our lives with some grace.

We're on to something here, you know? JoAnn's reported profits
because a lot of us have a need to make something. The "arts and
crafts" folks are causing that profit with JoAnn's and I wouldn't be
surprised if Michaels didn't show some positive returns as well.

So artists and craftspersons are spending what little money they have
to make something. Occupational therapy? You bet your boopie, kiddos.

We are here to heal ourselves and so Yes, Patty. I'm sorry I can't do
demos more often for not only do I feel better goofing around with my
clay and minis, but I am healed with the presence of my claymates.

A virtual hug and gathering of kind spirits, where love and sharing
is given without embarrassment, where we're there to be happy and do
show and tell not for competition but for the love of it.

I'm glad I've separated the biz out of my .com site. I want the site
with the tutorials to be one where folks aren't going to be expected
to pay anything but attention.

I will share with you that I get 1,000 to 2,000 page requests a day.
I am surprised if it's less than 600, slow day that. Folks in the web
business think this is high. I know why the hits are there. Folks
need a diversion, they need not to be hustled, they want to be
entertained and learn something in the process. I'm sure there's
folks outside the list who read the web logs regularly and have come
to know us like a virtual soap opera.

Claymates, you're getting famous and don't even know it. Posting
links to things you make on the web logs will get you hits and
eyeballs I'll betcha.

So am I sad that I'm not going to be able to hang with me pallies?
Goof with my clay? Get to laugh and be somewhere that folks don't
complain about stuff all the time. Ya... I'll admit I love you. I'll
admit that your company brightens my life and lifts my spirits.

I'm not embarrassed about it. I know to acknowledge that which makes me
feel good.

Would I be less able to help the list if I didn't have the extra day?
That also is true. It's a trade off but I'm just being like a
petulant school kid, dragging her feet going off to school. I'd
rather be playing with my friends.

So what's this ramble about... nuthin' honey. Just checking in and
reminding myself to count my blessings and not my problems. To love
freely and openly. To say Hurah \(*o*)/ to all the artists and crafts
persons doing their occupational therapy.

So what's the good news in your neck of the woods? I lost three more
pounds, first time I've been under 180 in... well a long time. I made
a hippy grandfather cab driver laugh out loud when I gave him a mini
salad as part of his tip. "How adorable is that already?!" I will
never forget the look on his face. He was complaining the whole trip
until the mini salad tip.

Spread the joy, folks. Make something that gives you happiness and
give it to someone who needs to be delighted and amused.

They will spread the joy even further.

We can do this, for little or nothing.

So nighty night and remember to share some good news with us here. If
we look hard enough we can find some.


For our New List Members who are going "huh?"
NoraJean Gatine


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