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Good Steward

My First Oferenda, 1998

Patty Roused A Ramble: The Good Steward or I believe you got the RIGHT to Clay.


I  haven't had a chance to join in the demos yet but wanted to say that in the short time I've been here, I have really been inspired by your giving spirit.  Something that has been reiterated to me in one form or another lately.  We are stewards of the gifts we've been given and you are the epitome of the good steward!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I told a friend once that angels come in many shapes, sizes and for many different reasons.  You're many people's angel, (so are all of those who so openly give of themselves to the group and welcome us in such a warm way... Cheryl, Kay, Kathy, Denise and those I've missed).
To NJ and all,  thank you.

Smiles to all,

Patty roused a Ramble...

Alhamdolillah, all praise belongs to God, as the saying goes.

I think of St Teresa, she said she wanted to be one flower in God's
garden of souls. Lexx fans are singing to Oberon with that image, LOL

But yes, we are all stewards of something given to us that we can give
to others. I don't know how to do surgery or grow crops, or even drive
a car. I've been poor more than not most my life and I have a great
desire to contribute in some way back to the community from whence I
sprung. I can't give great gobs of money that I don't have. I can give
what never runs out and that's love, given in the form of a service.

Just like negative energy breeds more, positive energy also breeds, but
faster. For a small kindness that is shown to y'all, that small
kindness can be shared with those who are in your immediate locale.
Since positive energy heals the weary heart it spreads faster.
Negative energy will find some stubborn person like me who says, "I
don't think so. Not on my Watch!" and it will stop spreading. Positive
energy rarely finds resistance.

Parmahansa Yogananda, founder of the Self Realization Fellowship and author of "Autobiography of a Yogi" said simply

Man's natural state is bliss

Man meaning everyone. We would rather be happy than sad. How do we
cheer ourselves up in a world gone mad? How do we find the spiritual
and mental vacation from ALL THAT STUFF OUT THERE and justify the
moment we take to feel good about something. Making things and sharing
them with your claymates is a healing process. Occupational therapy,
truth be known. But creative energy is a life line to your center
space of bliss. I believe this so much it aches in my brain.

When we create, without fear, allowing the subconscious muse run
through us, we are at our very peak of being human. Creation takes
place when the day to day necessary things get fulfilled. We wouldn't
be mucking around with our clay and minis if the roof was caved in by
some tree from a tornado. We'd take care of getting out of the rain,
feed and keep dry the children, and solve the problem at hand. We
couldn't goof around with clay, even if it's one of the most
economical of mediums if we were starving, if the lights were being
turned off by the electric company.

Creation means we have enough to survive on and then some. We've been
blessed. We're techno savvy enough to meet here in a virtual community
and conspire on how to make things better for ourselves and for our
immediate locale. We are united in the desire to return to our natural


we want to be happy

first thing to do is to stop beating ourselves up. Ergo the quarter

Ok, ok... here's an example. A lot of folks when they get bitten by
the bug to clay and worst yet do miniatures, they are often accused of
being "childish" and "playing with toys" and "wasting money" by the
people around them who don't GET IT. The sweetness of getting lost in
a room box is marred by those who are jealous that we've found our
inner child and we're going to SPOIL IT ROTTEN.  Weren't we asked to
come to Him as a child? What's the most fun thing to do as a child if
not to imagine and play? So what's the darned problem with these folks
who want to make us feel bad about feeling good?

Misery loves company. There is the 10th Commandment that is most
popularly broken...covetousness. There are those who get pissed off
that you're finding a medium that makes you happy, and it is quick,
cheap and easy. That you've found a supportive group to natter with.
That you've found connections and help and support. There are those
would spite you for that. There's an incantation that I was taught
"God give me shelter in His Mercy when the envious envy" Hassideen
hasad, in Arabic.

Don't let them rain on your creative parade. You follow your bliss in
that Joseph Campbell sort of way. You are on your Hero's Journey in
the new land of your own imagination and creativity.

This list is like a bubble, I know. I've made it like that over the
years because ALL THAT OUT THERE that makes us afraid, sad and crazy
is not going to get energy in here. What is going to be given our best
effort is to foster each other, the big group hug and shim poi poi of
the heart. For how are we to create if we are clutched by THE FEAR?

I'm always saying... fear is the opposite of Faith. It's the negative
energy sapping our juice. Say no to The Fear, know that there's love
and protection here and that you're a part of propagating positive

I've lost list members when I admit to my Mission and this list. Folks
feel like they're getting a sermon. Got issues with stuff like that
from their past. But folks who have been here for a while know I quote
from all the scriptures. I'll quote Yoda from Star Wars "No Try, only
DO".  I'm big on equal time for all beliefs, for all beliefs are true
for the believers. It's the PROCESS of belief that is the common
denominator, not the fluff and stuff of ritual and ceremony that looks
different on the outside, that's just theater props of culture and
time. The action of belief that's the key that unlocks the magic of
the universe, our divine hot line to all that is and can be.

So start by believing that you have a RIGHT to clay, it's your divine
right, it makes you feel good and for a moment, here and there in the
lost time of sculpting that nose for the 7th time, that floating Zen
zone of clay you find a space to be peaceful, then it's a healing
thing and a blessing. We have a right to cheer ourselves up. We got a
duty to pass it on to others.

So all thanks belong to the Creator who made us creative, how generous
it was, now it's our turn to give.

Make clay things and give them to folks you love. Each time they look
at it they will know you loved them and they will feel positive and do
something positive to another. That's the plan. 80% of us, in this
demography, give what we make away to loved ones. The marketplace
stifles the artist with trends and fashions. The artist sets the pace.
Lead, don't follow.

Playing poker Chicago Style again, all the cards face up. Well folks
can't say they don't know my motives. Halo polishing, unabashed and
unashamed halo polishing.


God love all y'all, the best gift I've been given in this weird life
of mine, you guys, I thank you for being here and slogging through
these rambles.

God bless you Patty, you ramble rouser you.



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