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Man and Beast

Three sections: Study for sculpting. Projects that are finished. Works in progress.  

Study Sculpting Sections for the first three years of experiments.
01-29-06: Human Study: Links for study of anatomy, sculpting and demos that focused on sculpting humans.
Cats of the ClayMates - Index
01-29-06 - Skeleton Study:

Cat, Dog, Horse and Human Male and Baby

What's done

What is available for adoption.

  1. MerFolk: for fans of MerPeople.

  2. Josana 

  3. Taco Lady Index

  4. Lurking Man

  5. AbaFold Lady

  6. The Leaf Lady PenPal with her Beau "Holder"

  7. Flying Fairy Index Carrying Flowers

  8. Monkey Man   

  9. The MerBlue Family

  10. Mother and Baby in a hinged Emu egg

  11. Lex  Portrait Sculpture

  12. Rainbow MerCouple

  13. The TLS'd Egyptian Family

  14. Prince of Fire as an Elvis Impersonator

  15. 10-13-04 Demo Figures The Monk and the girl and the baby

  16. 11-20-04: Goblin Index 

  17. Centaur Bald Centaur with Hair

  18. Centaurette

  19. Lil''Man

What is gone to another home. The record of their creation is on this page.

  1. Lady With Pot

  2. Chinese New Year Fire Dog

  3. Nursing Mom

  4. NagaMan

  5. Lobster Lady, Once More With Feeling

  6. Jean Luc

  7. Green Lady Index-2

  8. RitaMaid

  9. Frida Khalo

  10. Basket Seller

  11. The Creole Queen

  12. Fu Man Chu

  13. Afro Couple

Work in Progress

03-31-09 Russell Brand Index This is the start of a sculpting section for my favorite comedian. The start is to gather up photos for study, easy enough to do with an exhibitionist. If you have a problem with skin, then don't click the skin section. If you want to learn more about him click the "About" section.

03-25-09: Lace Drape is a form of porcelain art and the artists use molds to make the head, shoulders, and arms for the finished items. I'm doing some sculpting for my friend Fred, who makes lace draped figures.

06-21-07 Dano Doll

01-16-06: Full Face ReDo: I wasn't happy with the full face so I took it apart and started all over again.  Two Pictures


Index: 01-13 to 15-06-Face Sculpting Demo : With many new demo attendees we also  reviewed aluminum foil armatures, created a male and female body in rough draft, one full sized male face. Demo logs and one set of screen shots.


AnatoMan Index: Using the Anatomy Book for sculpting the male figure

02-14-05: Dragon Tenders Index

Do they tend the Dragon or are they tender towards the Dragon?


MerGoblin- 04-04-05

Taking the Goblin made in November and covering him with Fish Scale we make a MerGoblin.



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ComboTutes: New and old stuff

First Three Years - Biz-Archive

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