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Blends with and without using a Pasta Press

Blends 06-03-09, a review of blends, updated

11-04-2009: Silver Leaf Cane and the making of a Leaf Bead

Index 1: Easy Breezy Jelly roll Blend of Black, Silver and Pearl.

04-18-2009: Feet-O-Clay: This is for Kay in South Africa, who is having trouble with her wrists. An alternate way to condition clay. ;-) Captions below the pictures. Photos taken 02-20-2001. This clay mix was for "Caucasian skin" colored clay. A mix is just another sort of blend.

Hand Blend and mini bird bath

First tutorial for blending by hand done in 2001

05-29-03 WebCam Demo Pictures: Hand Blending, Jelly Roll, Chevron Flip and Salvaging End O Cane. 
  Bamboo Jelly Roll Blend made into Bamboo

Tiger's Eye Group: Use your blend with different colors. Add three dimension to a blend and get interesting effects. 

Skin Blend
No Pasta Machine Blend
  Easy Breezy Blend in Tiger
Autumn Leaf Group
Inverted Blends
InversRoll: A Jelly Roll Blend with inverted sheet inserts. 
Sing "It was GOLD Feather..." Click on this and go off to the Fish Scale Section.
2002 New Feather: This yellow feather is done as a jelly roll blend.