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Blends, PC Technique, Leaf, Beads
11-04-2009: Silver Leaf Cane and the making of a Leaf Bead

Four indexes, breaking down the process into steps that can be used for other projects: Jelly Roll Blend, UnCut Separation sheet, Chevron Flip, and Sandwich Bead. 

Index 1: Easy Breezy Jelly roll Blend of Black, Silver and Pearl.

Index 2: Make the plug into a fat ribbon, make a separation sheet, stack and reduce and cut in half. The beginning of the "chevron flip".

Index 3: Doing the Chevron Flip, adding the separation sheet in between the two halves, doing the surround with the same separation sheet, reduce for the leaf cane.

Index 4: Making a leaf bead out of the Silver Leaf cane, sandwich style. A picture of the work table after the tutorial was shot.


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