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It's About Frelling Time!

Rallying Cry of Fans and Critics Alike is Answered

As New Farscape Special Event Miniseries is

Announced by SCI FI to Premiere in Fall 


07-09-04: Has announced that there will be a mini series in October to be seen at SciFi Channel. Now if we can get them to show the reruns on some other hour than crack of dawn on Friday mornings. How about one a night at 10pm? Better than the spate of Giant Worm and Snake movies, but I'm always complaining about programming with SciFi Channel. Lexx is being shown on Crack Of Dawn hours on Saturday mornings in my area. 
I believe that the SciFi Channel showing the remaining 11 episodes of Season Four of Farscape IS A VICTORY. There's a difference of opinion with some Farscape Fans, but that's ok. They can perceive the glass half empty. I prefer to perceive the glass half full. Programming has been effected. The sets are not destroyed but warehoused. If audience response is positive with this small victory the decision makers at SciFi might do more. So I still promote contacting SciFi Channel with positive feedback for these 11 episodes. It's more than the Lexx Fans can crow about. 


The Will of the Scapers Have Spoken. The 11 episodes of the conclusion of Season Four will be televised.

And who says that group efforts don't work? Who says that logging protests wouldn't make any difference? Support one of the Best SciFi shows around and send email thanking SciFi channel for hearing us.  

Pick a Fight, Fight to Win: Going for the Throat

Protest Bad Programming. Sign this petition to remove Bonnie Hammer as Programming Director for her blatant disregard for the viewers and her abuse of the genre of Science Fiction. Aim for the decision makers through the petition linked below.

 Sci Fi Channel Viewers:

More resources for THE PUSH to save Farscape, Series 5. From 9/9/2002 to 9/13/2002 all effort you can afford to invest continue to do so. Sign petitions, but better yet write a hand written note and send it by FedEx, Priority or UPS overnight. Be polite, be firm, you can be sad but don't be a jerk. Corporate Suits don't pay attention to stupid, rude or threatening people. Given the anniversary for 9/11 take care to be responsible, serious but focused on letting the network big wigs what your feelings are on the ending of Farscape and the SciFi Channel's programming in general.
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From: Nora Jean Gatine <>
Sent: Monday, September 09, 2002 3:22 PM
Subject: [lexxuncon] Re: Farscape - Pick a Fight, Fight to Win: Going for the Throat

Lexx Uncon Folks, the MSATClayArt has close to 700 list members and I'm cc'ing all y'all on this letter to the list.


That's a subject line that John Criton would have appreciated... Pick
a Fight, Fight to Win: Going for the Throat

The point is the programming decision maker for SciFi channel, Bonnie
Hammer,  doesn't listen to the fan base. It's a matter of OUR numbers
which translate into ad dollars, which support shows like this. Which
pay for her salary.

If enough fans make enough noise and also make the advertisers know
that fans protest with their wallets then you might see some changes.
But these are such big bucks decisions, by the time it filters down to
the fan base the money has been exchanged and spent by the big wigs.
Actors and Actresses' agents are running around filling the schedule
with other gigs. So we got to aim our complaint at the big wigs, put
the spotlight on them.

I added my name to the petition to provide solidarity with my SciFi
fans in general.

The petition is being forwarded to these folks, en mass:
Mr. Barry Diller: Chairman and CEO Universal Entertainment Group,
Ms. Susan Krakower: SR VP Programming & Development Studios USA,
Mr. David Kissinger: President of Network TV Studios USA,
Ms. Sarah Timberman: President of Programming Studios USA

This petition's aim is to change the programming director for SciFi
Channel, Bonnie Hammer. I've been complaining about her for more than
a year now. This petition cuts at the heart of the issue the bad
programming decisions by Bonnie Hammer. If we're going to fight let's
go for the jugular, ok?

Just writing letters saying "I'm so bummed." has some weight. Signing
a petition en mass saying "We, the consumers, are protesting about
THIS PARTICULAR employee who's decisions are sending our viewing
numbers and ad revenue elsewhere." has a little bit more weight. But
aim it to the decision makers.

If you're going to throw your personal weight against a door, you
could hurt your shoulder. Bump against a door that is irrelevant you
could get your face pushed in. Push against the right door with a
vague and generalized complaint, you've lost the opportunity for
effect. BUT.... If you got a posse to help you kick the right door
down, with a specific complaint about a specific person, then you get
the attention of the folks who are supposed to have the power to
change that? They have the spotlight put on them by being addressed
together, so they got to get together and talk about these real
programming issues that are costing SciFi channel its viewer base,
which translates into ad revenue, which means we slap them where it
hurts, on their wallet.

But focus folks, that's what's needed.

The programming sucks, fire the programming director. But don't
complain to your hairdresser, cab driver, neighbor, friend or family
if you haven't signed some sort of petition on this, sign and then
complain and get them to sign too.

Do what you got to do, one way or the other, but being a wilted
flower child myself, having protested for and against issues, I'm
always ready for a grass roots uprising that makes positive changes by
sheer mass of numbers and focused will.

I signed this petition for I agree, what has been programmed for the
SciFi channel is not science fiction, it's bargain basement, non
related, cheap crap that has no place in that genre. Bait and switch,
that's what bad programming is, there's the fraud in it.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it,


NoraJean Gatine
Lead Moderator for MSATClayArt and Serious Fan of Lexx and SciFi in