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Brown Rose Experiment and Ant

03-20-07: Ant, looking as good as he wants to be.

See, real men do wear beads. Ant fell in love with the brown rose necklace (made with the third rose experiment 03-03-Brown Rose). Since he liked that so much he had to have the matching tin.

March 2007, Jewelry Index,

Nothing cooler than wearing your bead bling and pulling out a matching tin and offering a gal a "mint".

I wrapped the blended beads with the pendant around his neck and said, "You gotta take this. It's my African line."

Later he said, "Anyone can go buy flashy bling. But this is wearing art. It's totally original. No one has anything like this on at the clubs."

Both together looks totally tribal.  BEADS

03-03-Brown Rose

This is the tin that went with the beads and pendant for Ant to make an original art statement at the clubs. "Would you like a mint?" As he pulls out his matching mint tin.


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