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Chop Index 2005: It's going to have more than just up to 2005. It's 2008 as I type right now.

What is chop? It is taking the best cane you have and chopping it up like egg salad. Give it a toss. Compress into a log without twisting or stretching and cut to make beads and other things.

Chop Index Biz Archive 3 years of scraps, 2000 to 2003

Starting with the first experiments in doing chopped cane, links to the first three years of cane ends and scrap for the large chop section on the BIZ-Archive, to new chop experiments on this site.

07-24-09 De-Skewer Beads: What is on my work table, taking beads off of the skewer after wet sanding and floor polish finish.

07-21-2009 Scrap Chop: Taking scrap, chopping it up in a food processor, making beads. Show and tell for COC.

01-21-09 Pendants: What's on my worktable in response to Debbie's shout out on CITY-o-Clay.

11-16-2008: Oil Slick Chop Index 2 - Taking the stacked sheets and not doing the final press and roll I get to see the  colors better.

11-16-2008: Oil Slick Chop

I'm always stopping to look at oil slicks on puddles when it rains. Makes my older sister crazy when I do that. This is an experiment using colors I see in oil slicks, giving it a chop and then experimenting with stretching the designs with filler.

November 14, 2008: New tutorial

Chop and toss, coleus and generic leaf cane, small round natasha beads, slide show format.

*08-04-06 Scav - Chop: Taking the worst beads in my stash, chopping them up and better beads are made. 26 pictures and a review of the Natasha bead technique.

*07-29-06 - Chop Pen: Taking the Natasha technique and making it useful.

This web section there's some leopard, tiger, stargazer lily, and a bit of green leaf.

*Mirror Tube Beads - 07-15-06: Taking scraps, turned into chop, cut into natasha logs, rolled into a tube and capped. Easy Breezy

*Small Natasha Index - 07-10-06: Someone asked me how to make small Natasha Beads, here's 15 pages to show you. 

*03-21-06: Spring Chop Pendant

Step by step tutorial on making a quick chop and toss pendant.


* First Sheets and Spooky Stuff

These sculptures were the first items I made with chopped sheets with mirror images. They all came out looking spooky. In fact, in 1999 when these were shown the list was a bit taken aback. I think that the list is now more open to weird sculptures so I've dug these old pictures out to share again. 

1999 Rebuild - Mixed Chop Index
2000 Egg: Rebuilding the Egg Section.
10-25-04 Sorting Scraps

This is raw resources for any chop effort, use your scraps and cane ends.

The Chop Index in archive on the biz site shows what three years of scrap can produce. This large section is on the biz site as part of our archive of early experiments.
Hurry Cane Index Demo

A cane made with chop, done as "half round", slices made into a mask. Made while waiting for a hurricane to make landfall on 09-04-04.


Canewich: A cane that's made like a sandwich and then sliced.
Newbie Box Swap Chop 06-2004

10-04-05: Chop Samples

Some examples of different chop mixes and half finished things.


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