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UPDATE: 11-20-06: This page was getting too big. It is being sorted into separate pages for different food types. Those pages still need link backs and checked for old "biz" links.
Rebuilt: 1999 Apple and Candied Apple one page Tute

 The Diner Made prior to August 2003, the five sections in Biz-Archive.

  1. The Asian Department: Sushi, Bento and such all like that.

  2. Meat and Bread the staff of life for the Western World. Bread, Bacon, Salmon steak and other Fish. New link to PB&J Standard White Bread Tutorial. 

  3. Fruits And Vegetables: Kiwi, Cantaloupe, Watermelon, Oranges, Grapes, Spring Onions and Bok Choy, Avocado, Papaya, Guava, Rhubarb. 

  4. Juice And Ice : Orange Marmalade, Ice Drinks, Juice, Pickles.  

  5. Mexican Food: Taco, Enchiladas, Chili Peppers, Tortillas and some mini scenes made with them

  6. 1999 July Food Swap Index: This is being rebuilt 01/20/06 for examples of mini food done multi media, not just polymer clay.


The Bread Production and History

On that page

  1. bring home the bacon.

  2. Biz-Archive/food/Bread-Grp.htm

  3. 02-20-04: How To text - mini bread.

  4. 11-17-2005: Rolls, Buns

  5. 02-22-04, Bakery goods: 001-Lemon tarts, chocolate torts, donuts, Danishes, dinner rolls

On the Bakery page

  1. 04-22-04: Pineapple Upside Down Cake.

  2. The Pie Making Index, 02-25-04: Mold Dish Experiment.

  1. Toasty Top step by step

  2. Bikkies step by step


  1. How-To: Use of Toasty Top

    1. Tick-Tack-Toe Bread
    2. Pan Of Rolls
    3. French Bread
    4. French Bread 2
    5. Twisted Donut and Bread
    6. 01-23-08 Wheat Bread Index
  2. Croissant Index step by step

  3. Cinnibun step by step

  4. Donut Index

    1. Glazed and Chocolate Topped
    2. How to get the stripe
    3. Double Chocolate
    4. Donut with Sprinkles
    5. Jelly Filled Donut
  1. 07-01-04: Breakfast

  2. 07-01-04-Lunch Index

Snack Food

  1. Steamer Trays Index Summer Food
  2. June 25, 26, 27, 2004 Demo Burgers and hot dogs, salad and iced drinks
  3. 04-18-04: Demo mini food
  4. 01-18-04: Club Sandwich with tomato, lettuce, lunch meat and carrot sticks.
  5. 01-18-04: CheeseBurger with lettuce, tomato, purple onion, pickles and "natasha" fries.
  1. The Salad Bar: Review of Salad

  2. Tomatoes: 01-21-06 Five tomato cane efforts

  3. 11-17-2005: Salad Experiments: vegetable mix, fruit and egg salad

  4. 04-22-04-Fruit Salad

Comfort Food

  1. Mini Sushi on Pins

  2. Soba on Faux Wood trays, Sashimi samples

  3. Pizza Topping

  4. 04-23-04 Biscuits and Gravy.

Thanksgiving Left Overs

  1. Holiday Cooking

  2. SugarCitrus

  3. Lemonade Review

  4. Sandwich Earrings


Holiday Treats

  1. GingerBread House

  2. GingerBread-3: Bikini Gal.

  3. Rocky Road

  4. Heart Mints

  5. Lo-Cal-Fruit and Sorbet Index

  6. 01-18-04: Double Layer Cake Heart Shaped for Valentine's Day.

06-25-04 Oranges


Real Food to study
  1. Ozzie Food
  2. Truffles
  3. Real Candy Samples
  4. Godiva Chocolates
Mini Dishes to put the food on
  1. Mold Dish Experiment

  2. Leopard Dish Set

  3. Review of Mini Food in a Jar

  4. The Pinch pot turned into a pitcher

  5. Old What's The Dish?

  6. Old Going To Pot

  7. Old The Blue Rose Tea Set


Monthly Highlights Since 8/2003

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