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11-16-2008: Oil Slick Chop Dedicated to my older sister, Linda.
I remember stopping to marvel at the colors of an oil slick in a rain puddle when visiting my sister in Atlanta, GA. She had just parked her car at the super market parking lot and I stooped to look at these wondrous colors.

"What's the matter? What are you looking at!?!?" She asks anxiously.

"The colors. Look at how purple is next to green, what is that green? A gold green. That's not purple it's more magenta. Dang, how to mix those colors? Do you see?" I marveled.

She got all annoyed at me, pulling me up by my coat collar.

"I can't take you anywhere. I thought you were seeing my car have an oil leak. You scared the crap out of me. Artists! You can't take them anywhere."

And off she went in a huff.

As I marveled at the colors and then looked up at the sky to marvel at the shape of the storm clouds.

Yes, artists need a handler, make sure they don't get hit by a car in a super market parking lot.

So this oil-slick chop is dedicated to my older sister, Linda, who still lives in Atlanta, GA, but who doesn't look at oil slicks in rain puddles the same way anymore.

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