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Jewelry, BEADS 12-22-08: Poinsettia Necklace, cane made in 2004 finally put to use. A necklace with four different bead shapes and a pendant. Poinsettia "4 Slice Bead", Poinsettia Screen Shots (14 screen shots).
Poinsettia Necklace
Various Bead Shapes

Tube and Little Rounds

The Tube beads have 6 cane slices and the little rounds have two cane slices.

Bicone and Fat Tubes

Both have four cane slices

Tube Bead

The six cane slices on the tube bead are four whole cane slices and two slices cut in half to fill in the gaps

Back of pendant

A large cane slice for the back of the pendant.

Front of the pendant

Whole cane slices and cane slices in sections to fill the gaps.


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