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1998 graphics

various self portraits

The real Matahari.  Some buttons

1998 Elvis





The real deal as of 03-10-01

beware of cheap imitations

Not my graphic, the real Mata Hari

This  is called The Squat.  There's this place I can go to in my head, where mommies of all sorts take refuge in. The Handmaiden's tale was inspiration for this. A place that's safe to have your babies, raise your grandchildren, without fear. 

When I first made this picture the blond lady in the purple dress didn't have a child. Then I added the child and all of a sudden that blond mommy got happy. It was quite amazing. 

Button button, who's got the button.


These are buttons and practice items from 1998. If you asked how I made these now I'd have to admit, I don't recall. 



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