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New To Me Clay Tricks -  September 200909-01-09: Air Dried Clay and other alternatives to polymer clay. Find different brands at ClayAlley

CITY-o-Clay has been discussing air dried clay and I have to admit I was sent a box of air dried clay samples and I got stopped by THE FEAR. Don't ask me why. I have no idea.

As the aired dried clay discussion progressed Eva in San Antonio, TX, gave some valuable insights in working with alternatives to polymer clay because she developed a sensitivity to polymer clay. If it happened to Eva it might have happened to others.

It is necessary to have information about other media for sculpting other than polymer clay. Miniaturists have always contended that polymer clay is only ONE tool in their tool box. Through out history miniaturists have used what ever they could lay their hands on. Now we will experiment with the new media that's available.

This new section will focus on air dried clay although apoxie sculpt was discussed in Eva's section. Ernesto in Argentina works with cold porcelain and his insights would be valuable here as well. This section will grow as we experiment and share our insights.

Eva's Insights

Astrid's Insights

10-13-09: Chatting with  - Maureen Carlson on Arts-Insights about ADC.
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