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Highlights for Past Months:


Bonsai Kathy is our new Moderator for MSATClayArt. Check out her work at her new website. 

That bonsai there is 1"/2.85cm tall

CITY-o-Clay Video Library

MasksThe Newest Department

Denise Standifer, Video Librarian, Tripod Display

FACE: The First Donation to the MSATClayArt Video Library. "This 4 part BBC series examines the science behind facial beauty, expression, and fame in an entertaining fashion."

Part of a re-organization. These old sections got new placements.

May, A Doll: This doll was started in May 2002. She languished in a goofed up directory and I've just moved her to be with in the sculpting area. Part of the May 2003 Spring Clean up. 

Prince of Fire got a hand: 28 pages. Examining sculpting tools, tricks on balance (easy as standing on your head), rivalry amongst dolls on the work table, and then giving Prince a Hand.

Jewelry Index Updated

Peacock Index a rebuilt section. Back in 2000 I made effort to build a peacock cane. There's a boatload of pictures. 8 pages of thumbnails and two of those pages with 19 enlarged pictures with extraneous nattering.  
Peacock Cane Thumbnail Page 1
Peacock Cane Thumbnail Page 2

Moved the End Of Run: 12-18-2002 bead group: There's a number of tricks to making natasha beads quickly. Also there's different shapes the beads can end up after making those mirror images. Check them out. It's an ongoing process and this shows how to keep your beads organized.

NagaMan was made in 2001 and this is his Saga. He's the Mascot for MSATClayArt and has been gracing our list's home page just forever. 

Each picture below will take you to a handful of pictures, each picture has some nattering. 

Folded Sheets of Abalone Colors on three Tins: Rebuild from 2001 

The one on top will get a separate section. The ones on the bottom are detailed. Links to the tutorials for folding abalone colored clay. 

New things done in May 2003

05-01-03: Demo Log - Filing Rita's Hands

Tiffany Lamp: Demo 05-01-03

One flower plain cane got lucky instead of turning out sucky. 

Tiffany Lamp Index

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Click to get more information on this holiday from Mexico Online, Mexican Holidays

05-08-03: Day of the Dead Guardian Angel and Woman Tin
Paces: Taking the two basic design elements: lace cane and bullseye and putting them through their paces. 

05-12-03: Special Volunteer

Bonsai Kathy Coordinator

Tornado Relief

Hinging the Emu Egg Epson Album

From the Evening Demo 5-12-03



Demo Logs from early 5-12-03: Looking up links for pictures of flowers to replicate in miniature, part of the process of research before starting. ( 9 Screen Shots were taken by Denise, thanks honey, and were in the Epson Album for WebCam: Flowers - 5/12-Demo, but I can't find those pictures. When I do I'll update this page.)

Demo log 1: blue bonnet links and working on an orchid with a pouch. 

Demo log 2: orchids

Demo log 3: bird of paradise

Tutorial List Reorg: 05-13-03: 

Index pages for the different sections are at the top in alphabetical order. Below that are the same pages but with text links to the many things on each index page. This will be organized going from basic techniques and ending with whole mini scenes.    

Free Your Mind

No Demo for Thursday, went to see the Matrix and the Lunar Eclipse.

05-15-03: The Matrix Books and What's the Big Deal? 

The Matrix and Philolophy: Welcome to the Desert of the Real. 

Exploring The Matrix: Visions of the Cyber Present

New writings of Cyberpunk and Cybernetic Realities

Enter the Matrix - The Game


Enter The Matrix Official Strategy Guide

Mayan Maiden Blood Ritual

It's not Aztec, my bad


5 pictures, part of Jen's Welcome Back Celebration... a gallery showing her Sculpting from 2000. This figure is hanging out with my mini Day of the Dead collection that's on my monitor, sorry for the dust on everything.  

05-19-03 WebCam Demo Log:

001 - White Water Lilies for tedi/Amy

002 - First Water Lily is white, the Second is a pink and white blend for the  petals.

003: Purple blend water lily; purple rose and Calla Lily

Epson Album for White Water Lily Demo 05/16/08 put on a photo gallery page.

Water Lily Index

10 Pictures -  Hand Blended Petals examined. By turning leaf shapes one way or the other, using tons of them or as a stand alone, you can make more flowers than water lilies. 

05-22-03 Demo Log 

001- Deciding on what to do, Eyeball cane on sheets to start

002-  Eyeball cane on sheets to start

003-Covering a tin with Reckless Eyeballs

Reckless Eyeball Tin

004: starting on the second tin

005: Continuing on the second tin, finish that tin and starting on Chevron flip for a leaf cane.

006: Ears for a MerMan 

05-22-03: Epson Album of the Covered Tin of pressed gold leaves. Thank you shargoose/SharonV for these screen shots. 

Epson Album showing the Chevron Flip and Covering the Tin from an earlier Demo. 

Chop Index

Ramble 001: What to do with canes of grave disappointment?

Ramble 002: I know that folks say that my chop and toss is just natasha bead tricks. But I beg to differ.

Remember that song? "It's raining Men, Halliluyah..."

Well I've started this new subdirectory called


Starting with 28 pictures of anatomy. This is from the bones, to the muscle and all points in between. Not for the faint at heart. But if you got a mind to sculpt male forms, learn where the muscles are located.

After this anatomy section is done the next thing is to add thumbnails
of all the male figures on my site and link them to the Raining Men
Index. As I sculpt Men, stand alone, not in groups, I'll add them to
this index. Make it easier to find for those who are sculpting
men folk.

I'm planning on doing

Joe Millionaire
Maori Warriors
A few MerDudes
and finish on Prince of Fire done as Elvis

So May's theme is "It's Raining Men"

Anatomy Book Index
First Filing of the Face: Remember the first curing is just rough draft. There's filing and sanding yet to do. 
Before After

05-28-03: Lovely Rita the MerMaid, better known as RitaMaid. Inspired by the Hollywood Divas like Rita Hayworth this MerMaid strikes a pose. 

The first curing isn't the only curing for any figure. It's a rough draft. After that there's filing faces, TLS Make-up and Setting the Scene. 

Memorial Day Marathon Demo: You tell me the story
05-27-03: Some thoughts the day after the Demo. 

05-27-03: Helen/halarkin's Myth


MDMD Logs: 

#1, Picking Colors and Designs

#2, Earth Quake

#3, Totem Pooh

#4, African Chop for CherylH's B-day

#5, Putting it all together

05-29-03: Syl got screen shots of Doing Blends by Hand, 30 Pix in an Epson Album. We don't need no stinking pasta press.  05/16/08 put on a photo gallery page.


05-29-03: Syl got screen shots of Leaf Variation made with the hand blends. 36 Pictures. Thanks a Million Syl!! 05/16/08 put on a photo gallery page.


05-29-03 WebLog

#1-Three Color Leaf blend: Chevron flip with a hand blend

#2Second hand blend chevron flip leaf and made into a pitcher

#3What to do with Dog Bone End O Cane. Dave's Soap Opera Diversion.

05-29-03 WebCam Demo: Hand Blending, Jelly Roll, Chevron Flip and Salvaging End O Cane.

The Importance of Loving Yourself First  A ramble about how loving yourself first makes you a better artist and how MSATClayArt supports that.