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The Matrix Books and What's the Big Deal? 


The Matrix and Philolophy: Welcome to the Desert of the Real. 

Exploring The Matrix: Visions of the Cyber Present

New writings of Cyberpunk and Cybernetic Realities


"The Matrix and Philolophy: Welcome to the Desert of the Real."
"Exploring The Matrix: Visions of the Cyber Present
New writings of Cyberpunk and Cybernetic Realities"

The books discuss the philosophy and cyberpunk realities of the first Matrix movie. I'm sure that once the whole trilogy is released we'll get more books like these. There's some interesting philosophical issues brought up by the first movie.

I heard tell of another book. "Take the Red Pill" discussing science, philosophy and religion in the first Matrix.
The game is staying home with James though. Put the links on the home page because it's a first time that a video game was released with a film at the same time. The movie, game, and the animated episodes called "Animatrix" are all created by the same folks, working out other story lines in the same environment.
Inspiration is where you find it. Popular culture is a handy thing to hang philosophical issues on.
Now how does this have anything to do with miniatures or polymer clay? Nothing directly really. Everything in an indirect way. I've been reading interviews of the Art Director and Set Builder, Make up and Costuming Directors for the Matrix Movies. Check the Matrix to go to the official site and read these interviews. I saw models of the sets that had to be built. Saw full sized models of the actors sitting stiffly on chairs while the scene was being prepped and I thought... we do that, we just do it small is all. Remember my ramble about building a perfect world? When I said our miniatures allow us to take a vacation and enter another reality. There's a connection with that suspension of disbelief that goes on with miniatures and doll houses, railroad models and sculpting, and the suspension of disbelief when watching a SciFi movie. There's a connection with building another world. What is real? Is a comfortable illusion better than a grim reality? What are our real choices in the world? All these philosophic questions are good brain exercise and healthy in the intellectual diet of a budding artist.
Some things I share are eye candy. These books are brain candy.
Inspiration is where you find it and I find all this wonderfully inspirational.

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