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Books: April 1, 09: Anatomy Books I have at my work table. This is a continuation of the sculpting discussion going on at CITY-o-Clay.

Books on anatomy, drawing, nude photos, all can be used to hone our sculpting skills. Check the ramble on Forensics and Sculpting and The Golden Ratio and Marquard.

Eyewitness Science: Human Body

"Explore the fascinating world of the human body - from the framework of the skeleton to the millions of tiny cells that make the body."

Written by Steven Parker

Dell Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 1-56458-325-2


Drawing the Head and Figure, by Jack Hamm

"A how-to handbook that makes drawing easy, ... Offers simplified techniques and scores of brand-new hints and helps... step by step procedures."

ISBN 0-399-50791-4


Anatomy for the Artist

By Daniel Carter and Michael Courtney

"A comprehensive guide to drawing the human body"

ISBN: 0-75258-668-8


An Atlas for Anatomy for Artists

By Fritz Schider, 1957

"..a wide selection of illustrations from the works of Vesalius, Leonardo, Goya, Ingres, Michelangelo, and others..."

ISBN: 0-486-20241-0


The Natural Way to Draw

by Kimon Nicolaides, 1941

"... not only the best how-to book on drawing, it is the best how-to book we've seen on any subject." Whole Earth Catalog

ISBN: 0-395-53007-5


A Handbook of Anatomy for Art Students

by Arthur Thomson, 1869, 1929, 1964

"This book, with its copious photographic illustrations and sketches of the male and female figure, offers an excellent means for the art student to grasp the elements and subtleties of human anatomy...."

ISBN: 0-486-21163-0



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