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Food Index, Holiday Foods

  1. GingerBread House

  2. GingerBread-3: Bikini Gal.

  3. Rocky Road

  4. Heart Mints

  5. Lo-Cal-Fruit and Sorbet Index

  6. 01-18-04: Double Layer Cake Heart Shaped for Valentine's Day.

Part of Thanksgiving Left Overs

11-29-03-Demo: Holiday Cooking: These treats went on the Gingerbread house.

11-29-03: DemoLog-1, from Noon to 1:30

GingerBread House 

The Gingerbread and Heart Mint Links are all on this one page and shown below. 

Gingerbread-3: California Rendition of the Gingerbread House. A work in progress. Uncured. 12-16-03.

GingerBread-3: Bikini Gal. So Californian, a Sunbathing Babe.


Heart Mints: Inspired by

Maureen Carlson on Carol Duval Show, HGTV.


Rocky Road: 2 pix only, a quick overview of how to chop up some Easy Breezy Rocky Road. 


Lo-Cal-Fruit and Sorbet Index: With all the attention on watching our weight I thought some fresh fruit and sorbet some whole grain might be nice. 

01-18-04: Double Layer Cake Heart Shaped for Valentine's Day. 


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